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    2.5hp Lehr propane outboard

    bought for bishop and ran like crap at elevation. $450. Can run motor for interested parties.
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    Penn 550 ss spools

    I have 3 spare spools, $10ea
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    Transducer p66

    I am not the most technical guy at this and I am selling this for a friend so I am unsure. I have the P66 Transducer with mounting bracket. As well as a Airmar Adapter Cable C47 (part number 33-396-01). everything is brand new. Make me an offer an I'll probably take it.
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    WTB airmar p66 transducer for lowrance

    I have one if you still need it.
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    Airman P66 Transducer and Adapter $150 obo

    Price Reduced $99! Help me get my garage cleared out.
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    Transducer p66

    I have an Airmar P66 Transducer, brand new. Is this the same thing that you need???
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    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

    Thank you. Hit me up if you ever need a fishing partner.
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    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

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    Catalina recovered nets

    My buddy lost a net on the 4th. Checking to see what his GO ID number is.
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    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

    Not for Sale.
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    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

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    Crab Pot and Crab Pot Doors

    Includes: 6 full size crab pot doors (8'x2) and 1 modified half size crab pot (4'X4') with hanging rod. These would be great for display purposes as I have used them in the past or to decorate a man cave. Does not Include: Easy-up, Banners and Clothing These are the actual crab pot doors that...