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    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Another Carolina coming west? We are gonna be infested with them things :).
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    New Premier Charter

    I’d like to know the owners and operators too. But, there are tons of people booking trips without knowing that info. Certainly looks nice.
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    Sea lion in the woods!?!?

    Wow. And how many hours did we expend interfering with natural selection?
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    Video of Running into a Gale in the Straits of June De Fuca

    I thought you preferred fresh water for washing your boat. Hahaha
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    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    Gray tarp costs more than the blue tho!!!
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    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    I’m due for a new roof. Western WA, lots of fir and cedar. Fairly shaded house. I’m leaning towards a gray metal roof, but concerned about longevity and condensation under the metal. I don’t want to replace it and all my sheathing in 5 years. Anyone have one installed and regret it? Why...
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    Downrigger Upgrade

    Maintenance on Scotty? Don't people just take them in and have whatever replaced, free, when it breaks.
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    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Who stole John’s user name and started posting warm fuzzies?.... Hahahaha. You are spot on!
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    The Lobster Guy

    hahahahahaha. You win the internet today!
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    Free: Little Chief smoker

    It worked last time I used it. Pick it up in maple valley this weekend or Olympia next week.
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    I wouldn’t give two fucks if there were no payouts moving forward and all the entry fees went right into the food bank. Buy a couple cool plaques or pay materials for Robodad to build a couple of his awesome things (I’m guessing he could be talked into this or maybe thrown a little cash) for...
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    What's a good toe kick height/depth for a cockpit?

    Awesome! That’s the same setup I’d like in my next build.
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    Rockfish Release Success!!! | Raymarine Screen Shots

    Absolutely terrific documentation of minimizing impacts to non target fish. Great job.
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    Goodness gracious. This is gonna be something that even I’d be comfortable running and fishing in :) :). Might not even need any scopace! Very, very nice Mark.
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    Fish death

    Old school Charlie. Love it!