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  • Are you the same wdilbio that's on ifish... ? ifish... Zarn here... I was the C/M on that TMI charter w/ the Osunas.
    Hi Laurence, I appreciate your input on helping resolve my live well issue.I'm planning a tuna trip this coming Tuesday, I thought to offer a trip to the guys that gave me relevant info on my pump issue.I recently upgraded to a 33' NR so the platform is more than adequate. If your up for the trip shoot me a call, text. 425.330.7773 Cheers Rick
    Hello Lawrence - Another Kodiak summer in the books. Time to catch a tuna. I’m headed out Of Westport Friday morning. One of the commies says it dried up to the NW. Any recent reports back to the SW? Thanks for all your help as always.

    Kodiak Mike
    I would also like and amp. I have two flush mount JL audio and two Fusion 100w box style speakers. 4 ohm speakers, what amp should I buy of yours?
    Hey, thank you for the heads up. I am looking at the u.s fws for any information i can find on this topic. it seems as though i could donate said frozen ducks if i tag them properly, but it also seems as though this is unclear. At any rate thank you for the heads up, i wrote a message to the wdfw to see if they could clarify this for me.
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