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    All New Website Bugs and Bitches Go Here

    Gender Neutral comes to mind looking at this new format, hope it fixes missing images or just tell us they are gone forever and it's just the way it is. WD
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    BOLO stolen kicker in west Bremerton

    Lets get back to BD WA reality and remember having at least a little bit of a thick skin is required to get along here. May I suggest a kiss under the mistletoe to make everyone happy again? Happy New Year everyone! WD
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    BOLO stolen kicker in west Bremerton

    The problem if you were ever to get a judge with some backbone in this state is that the Dem leadership would immediately cry foul because of overcrowded jails and then release them after a week or so, if they would even jail them at all. If we ever want this insanity to end, we have to vote...
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    . If you must salmon fish, learn how to motor mooch correctly. I know many old timers that did it that way for decades before we had dependable kickers and they covered lots of ground and caught tons of fish. Jason my main question is, what's a salmon??? Can't wait to see your new ride down...
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    . I bet if he tried really hard he could get something "Through Bolted" on the back of his new vessel! WD
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    Crabbing In Marina Questions

    Is there a dock or marina they can crab from as they will be boatless? WD
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    Crabbing In Marina Questions

    I have some friends coming to the coast later this month that want to clam and crab while they are here. Clamming I got covered but crabbing in the WP Marina I have no hands on experience so I am looking for some input from some of you here in BD WA that have been there and done that here in...
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    Razors in Tunatown

    Great job getting the kiddos down to the beach with a daylight winter dig to boot! WD
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    Yamaha vs Honda

    . That I think is the dumbest question I have heard on the BD WA board in a very long time. WD
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    Garmin G3 worth it?

    Jason, If you are talking about bathymetric info that is actually what sucks about the NOAA charts for most of the coast, very poor bathy info for most areas. Talk to a rep and ask for a 100% money back refund if you don't like what is delivered or do as others have said just wait for the boat...
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    Garmin G3 worth it?

    Just make sure you preview the exact charts you will be using before you buy as they are all based on NOAA charts and they have some local charts that quite frankly suck, especially off the coast. By the way, is your new boat here yet? WD
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    Here's your sign...

    . That pair of old farts could be awnry for sure and the new owners, Eric, Mariah and family are super good people and they have a great staff. Eric's dad was one of those old grumps and he took it over after he passed some years back. If you haven't been in the Hungry Whale for a while it has...
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    Clamming Westport style

    Nice post, thanks for chiming in. I live locally and went Sat & Sun so far and you are right, once they show, it's short work to finish up with hopefully some good sized ones. (I swear to God two clams I got last night had to have been no more than two inches long, but you should have seen the...
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    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    Bump to the top for a fresh question. I bought a Peet Boot Dryer, basic model, and want to know how good it will dry gloves without buying the fancy attachments for an extra $25. If you have the glove add-ons, do they work worth a dam? I ask because there is some unhappiness with reviews as...
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    Something wicked this way comes

    . That is a great question as one of the pictures in the first post showed what appeared to be an all FURUNO electronics package in the helm. Jason? WD