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    Love it when a plan comes together Turn N Burn has arrived

    Good to see it worked out well Jason. What slip you in, I would like to walk down and take a peek if you don't mind. WD
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Seems to be a common problem with the new Zuke 350's as I have read about random engine failures on nearly new engines quite a few times in the last year or so. This is the BIGGEST reason I hate taking on brand new makes/models of things, you become the R&D division for said company on YOUR...
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    When did the WDFW slip this shit in, or is it a misprint??

    What MA is that for, your post doesn't say. WD
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    Navionics accuracy

    All electronic charts come from a single source of data as there is normally one set ever mapped, by local governments, NOAA in the US's case. In the USA that was done by NOAA and they for the most part do a pretty good job making things pretty close to actual. Down south where you are at I am...
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    Navionics accuracy

    Some charts offer a "OFFSET" adjustment you can plug in to fix chart inaccuracies assuming you get the same wrong offset everywhere. WD
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    Yamaha temp

    What kind and size engines you got there LT? WD
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    Advice on loading reel with heavy braid

    Don't know if this will help but the last time I ran into your problem I just loaded the reel to the max and the first time out in a boat put the entire spool out and then reeled it back in while trolling. Hooked a flasher to the end and it worked pretty good. If you are going somewhere very...
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    Everett Marina Fire

    It's an under construction apartment complex just onshore from the marina. The clip I saw showed the fire very early on burning bad in multiple locations making me think arson for sure. I guess time will tell. Hope nobody got hurt or worse. WD
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    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    . I have used/subscribed toTerrafin in the past as well and do like it, just not the cost. The one thing I always try to remember is that ALL SATELLITE imagery comes from only one place in the USA, NOAA. No paid for SST imagery websites have their own satellite's, they all pay the government...
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    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    Look at the legend at the bottom of each image Kim, all the info is right there. If you want more info just ask or PM me a phone number and I will walk you through setting up Coastwatch to get what I just posted while we are on computers at the same time. WD
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    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    Some good images from July 14. SST Chloro Have fun and be safe, Charlie is out there waiting for you!!! WD
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    Need Tanecom 750 Power Cord

    How was fishing Greg? WD
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    Viking dealer at Seattle Boat show

    Once Karen retired from being the rep that was always at the boat show, local service has suffered for sure I hear. WD
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    How many will it fish?