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    Florence Coho

    Yum. Great effort and report.
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    Charleston Salmon 2021

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    Casting rod

    Looking for a Shimano Teramar 8' heavy casting rod or equivalent of another quality brand for 20-40 or 30-60 lb line. Text Kevin at 949-533-5360 Thanks
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    Yellow fin at the beach?

    It was probably looking for the Doheny Blues Festival. Tuna are known to be fond of slide guitar and songs about drinking.
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    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    I caught a 50 pounder hooping in LA. It was eating the lobster in my net.
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    Feel good post of the year. After reading about you and your pops, patriotism, family get together, I just feel Good. Thanks and congrats!
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    LB; Ester Rig and Izors

    Always bring some frozen squid. Works better for bass and bottom grabbers this time of year anyway. Good luck!
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    Offshore 20 Miles SW Out of Oceanside 8/20/17

    20 miles and 20 lbs. Should've gone 50 in that Whaler!
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    Offshore 20 Miles SW Out of Oceanside 8/20/17

    Nice effort. The difference between one nice fish and zero is huge. Post a picture!!!
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    PCP airgun pump

    Bought this Benjamin pump with my airgun a few years ago. At some point it needed a new O ring or something and I tried to repair it but couldn't get it back together correctly. Now I use bottled air and will give the pump to anyone who wants to fix it or use it for parts. Text me at 949 533...
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    LA Harbor - 7/29/17

    Nothing ugly about that - nice job dad!
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    Skipped the Banks and Stayed Inshore (LB Rocks and Reefs)

    Nice catch! But you know what they say, without pics..... Good job making macs, especially with lame bait. What is it with Nachos sardines this summer, they've been pretty bad.
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    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    Now there's a useful report. 99 Ranch is a good place to buy bait. Fisherman helping fisherman. Don't be so cynical OP. And cool to see that when the tuna won't bite a lot of undiscovered comedic talent has time to blossom.
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    LB Wrecks and Rock Piles 7/1/2017

    Nice bass Jared. Very dark colors, kind of interesting. Very nice to take the kid fishing too!