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    Offshore Smoked em.

    This is hilarious. The guys killed it, good for them. I feel like the people putting him down don't know what kind of fishing was going on at the time in SD. All night bite, minimal fish during the day . If you go on a fishing trip for a NIGHT bite, you should prepare yourself for being up at...
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    Offshore Lost tackle bag

    I got off the NLA this morning and just realized that I drove off without my tackle backpack filled with all my shit. Was parked in the 72 hr parking just outside Fisherman’s Landing. Hopefully someone on here might know something. Fingers crossed
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    Rod to pair with Stella 14000

    Everyone’s reviews about black hole rods seems to be on point though
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    Rod to pair with Stella 14000

    Anything around 180 would be extremely ambitious, just want to feel comfortable knowing that it would be doable. Would the cape cod be too much with the 14k?
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    I know this is old, but what's your favorite Black hole rod to pair with the 14K

    I know this is old, but what's your favorite Black hole rod to pair with the 14K
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    Whats the biggest fish you've landed with it? Do you think it would be fine with a 150/180 blue...

    Whats the biggest fish you've landed with it? Do you think it would be fine with a 150/180 blue fin without any major issues?
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    Rod to pair with Stella 14000

    Ive been looking around a lot/doing research but some of it is older threads and I'm curious what you guys think. Im on the west coast, mostly fish cattle boats and sometimes private boats. I purchased a Stella 14K and have been trying to decide what rod to pair with it. Im thinking 80lb...
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    Offshore 9/20/20 Tuna Haul on Mission Belle

    Crazy what a day makes, 0 fish for all the day boats yesterday.
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    Offshore Constitution or Grande 1.75 / 1.5 Day

    Trying to decide what boat to go on this Monday. Constitution 1.75 day or Grande 1.5 day. I am assuming boats will be going to tanner/cortez banks, I dont think a lot of the fish are being caught at night so I don't know if the 1.75 day is worth the extra money as we would leave 11AM and get...
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    Offshore Kite fish question

    All the people saying that you should stop fishing after you get your limits have clearly never fished in San Diego / on a sport boat... especially for BF. These people are commenting on something they have no knowledge of. Many many many times I have been on both side, where I keep fishing...
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    Offshore Kite fish question

    ^^^^ perfect example, kite fish are generally much bigger than the ones you can catch otherwise. Its not the same as a deckhand flylining a bait catching something then not handing it to you because you have fish. Lots of different ways to look at it and argue about it. One thing I think...
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    Offshore Bight Sportfishing

    The fish I have on my profile was caught on their boat. Went out with both Wes and Brandon, great guys, super friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and overall fantastic trip. On our trip it was 100% kit fishing as Im sure it usually is. We had a couple blow ups and only one stuck, 4 guys on the...
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    Offshore Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    Owner mutu # 1 is much larger than another brands # 1, same with all the other sizes. Because mutu go down to #4 as the smallest what do you guys use below mutu #4? I start using mustad j hooks... but is there another better hook? I haven’t found a solid circle hook below mutu #4... more of a...
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    Offshore Trip cancellation 3/18

    also a huge jump in domestic violence with so many working from home together
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    SKB mini box

    If your sale falls through I’m definitely interested