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    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    Oh. No. You. Didn’t….. 😂😂😂😂
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    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    It’s the “the captain was just driving around” reports that are going to get trashed. Next time someone feels that way, ask if you can glass for a while on the bridge. Then you can watch the sonar, look for birds and paddy’s, and understand the urgency the captain feels trying to get his...
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    Islands Bad trip in a sea of great ones

    OP didn’t throw the boat name under the bus, making it more of a rhetorical bitching. Gotta respect that. And to the OP. It sucks. But if he’s burning fuel, he’s hunting.
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    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    I think it had as much to do with the circus that follows a bad review. There’s a reason why someone always posts a popcorn meme..
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    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    You’re good to go, Tony!
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    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    I usually book the next years dates as I’m getting off the boat from the trip. Then I’ll put the word out by March- once they’ve established pricing for the upcoming year. I’ll keep you on file. It’s a fun group that like to fish.
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    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    Bump for a late cancellation due to a promotion at work..
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    Knew this was coming.

    We generally stay down on the Gulf of Mexico in winter months. I’ve watched shark fishermen use a drone to carry chunk out to the shelf (upwards of 4-500 yds in places). Those guys use EX50’s and 6’ roller tip rods and fight friggin hammerheads while standing on the shore. Craziest shit Ive ever...
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    Melton Tackle Big No No

    I still have a pallet of toilet paper that I’m selling at $10 a roll from the early days of Covid… Buy 2, get one free! (That was a sarcastic joke, btw). Madmacs will be next years toilet paper..
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    Warranties That Aren't Worth Sh*t

    You must have ignored the calls you’ve been getting about your car warranty expiring because I’m sure they cover batteries, too… 😂😂😂
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    I’m evacuated. May need to give up my spot on SOA 8 day leaving Wednesday.

    We used to get evacuated often, living in the San Bernardino Mountains. So, foremost, I hope it all works out and you and yours are safe with a home to come back to. Best wishes.
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    Fishing Dreams? Into the Future. The next generation.

    Hooking a monster brown trout on the fly down in Patagonia or New Zealand.
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    Super dumb ridiculous question, why bring light gear on a sportboat instead of just using lighter top shots on heavy gear?

    I actually used to golf with a guy who carried a 3 wood, 7 iron, and a putter. He could open the face of that 7 iron and flop a shot like he was swinging a wedge.
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    Offshore Islander 2.5 day

    Way to represent the 505.
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    I’m just letting everyone know that if you Win any rods or reels, on A raffle or Sponsored Trips

    Sounds like a First World problem to me, and one I wouldn’t mind having…