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    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    Bait sentry 1100. They are magnetic drive. Indestructible. I have one on key boat going on 4 years, and 15plus tank installs for customers with the same pump. No issues ever
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    Tuna scouting

    Same. 245 gallons for the day with trolling. Honda’s have same lower unit ratio as the yamhas did. Spinning the same 17pitch props. Honda’s do have more”go power” from 4000 to redline
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    RIP fishguidebrian Brian Oldfield

    Heard CPR and AED back to the dock where CG took over
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    Tuna scouting

    We ran Sunday. Made it into the 45 block so well below the Columbia. As far west as 125.30. No love. No sign. No water temp. No water color. Lots of beer was drank, and fun had. Maybe a few more weeks
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    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    No, just Coldwaters, but the fit, finish, and rigging are far ahead of anybody else. 😂🤷‍♂️
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    Come on Shari, all the way-ish!
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    Fishing on Integrity Sat. Camper stay?

    You mean inshore lings. Deepwater was June 1-15 unless there is an emergency rule change which I have not seen
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    New 20-21 Regs Out

    I’m going to spend a lot of time in area 7 looking for steelhead. I would imagine the technique and gear is similar to salmon?🤷‍♂️ It’s open year round.
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    More stuff for sale....

    Somebody needs a bait tank. Make me an offer
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    Your seeing the helm in the middle. It’s not an illusion
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    For Sale Raymarine package.

    I have an HS5 switch, complete AIS 650 and a shit load of of seatalk NG cables, T’s etc
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    Raymarine Evolution AP Install?

    Yes- Cut the white/black spur cable. Splice on a male field connector. The Raymarine cable has an extra yellow wire in it. Clip short and dis-regard. Or use this: In the ACU 150 unit, you have a terminal strip with red, black, blue, white, bare shield. Just cut the end off of a regular nmea...
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    Another transducer question

    The furuno 3D module is the best on the market. Pair it with an SC20 satellite compass, a bottom discriminating transducer, and a PBG module in Timezero Pro And you have almost the equivalent of a WASSP bottom mapping sonar. It’s beyond fucking bad ass
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    Another transducer question

    Kim- Stick with the 275. You can always add the DFF-3D later. They make a couple of stainless thru hull options for that ducer
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    Best results ever! Tailwalker Fisheries set me up (boat rigging)

    They are electric hybrid Yamahas. No CO2 emission. Converted them!