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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    It looks like all the California areas are lumped into one section now. Terrible 😡
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    Monday Cod Run

    Make a drop on Volcanic Reef
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    Long Range photos, lets see them

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    Saltwater Maybe the best day ever

    Great report and pictures. It’s so nice to see those smiling faces not covered by those stupid masks 👍
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    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    Back in the 70’s, my buddy and I were fishing the P.V. coastline in December in a 12’ Sears Gamefisher boat. The weather came up and we were heading home downswell when one broke over the stern and completely flipped the boat bow over stern. We both bailed out. I had on hip boots and luckily was...
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    how long to Catalina?

    Depends on which part of the island u go to
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    Calstar Blanks in Washington

    Thanks for that. Mud hole has the full line but I was hoping to check it out in person
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    Calstar Blanks in Washington

    Is there a shop that sells Calstar Blanks? I live in Hansville but will drive to find the one I need
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    Calstar Blanks in Washington State

    Anyone know if there is a place in Washington that sells Calstar blanks? I live in Hansville (Kitsap County) but I don’t mind driving to find one
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    Masks or no masks.

    Unless there are undercover Covid police on the boat!
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    Running Halibut Charter out of Homer till Labor Day.

    What slip # are you in this year Bill?
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    Girls Day!

    We’ve been getting some nice Halibut as well!
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    Girls Day!

    It’s a Red Irish Lord. We also get the big, nasty Irish Lords as well!
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    Girls Day!

    It’s a 22’ Sea Legend
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    Girls Day!

    In Area 3A, 5 pelagic rockfish, such as these Black Rockfish.