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  • Hi David...

    Hope you're staying safe and are well. I'm interested in about 20 of the sea strike 33s, mostly gold, a few black. Prefer single hook.
    I don't plan on being up your way anytime soon, but maybe you can send them to me. Do you take paypal, or I can mail you a check.

    Let me know....
    Ken Bush
    619 335 0450
    Most (if not all) the gold are gone.
    Who knew my simple post could spark $shit talking....I do agree with you and Basil though. If you are on the 16 Day Okuma, I look forward to fishing with you...heard a lot of good things. Feel free to shoot me a message with any info you think I need to know... Ben
    Hey Wahoodad. My buddy loaned me the book, The Southern California Angler and I just read your section in it. Pretty cool story and information. Enlightening. I hope I get to shake your hand someday. I just make annual trips down for 3 through 7 day trips. Going on the RP at the end of this month. Have a nice day... - Dave
    Thanks, good luck on your trip, great time of year to go.
    Hello David,
    I was watching a video over at Island Tackle and sure enough there is Wahoodad by the scales with a 350 pounder. FANTASTIC my friend. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. I thought seeing you land that 45lb Wahoo in 90 seconds was unbeatable.
    Well, you proved me wrong. Terrific catch buddy. I am so happy for you.

    Greetings Wahoodad! I'm an OLD (68 as of Dec.23rd.) Allcoaster (still got the wallet) that remembers you from waaay back. I was on the Gulf Coast of Texas back then but now I'm just north of Los Angeles, CA Just wanted to say HI!
    Oh, nice, where at in LA? The valley?
    Dave , It's a small world. I just ran into someone you know, Ross Baker. He just towed a guy into the dock where I live in Palmetto, Florida. We sure know a lot of the same people from LA, and SD.
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    Awesome dude, we worked together on the Shogun.
    David could you give me some insights on the boat Apollo. Quarters , crew chef etc. Verbally committed to a charter in January 2016 to PV.
    Thanks for your help

    Hi Dave, was using that tac adhesive today and want to know if it is suppose to smoke as it goes off. Weird, never seen that before.
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