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    Not cool

    How could anybody be so foolish to put such bad juju on his own fuckin ride? Man you talk about bad karma, this fuckstick will end up with just what he deserves!
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    Taking Reels To Cabo

    Been putting all my reals in my luggage ever since 1999. Never, ever had an issue. Fifty trips!
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    Increased crime in Baja?

    I have been going to Baja for twenty five years, drove it four times, delivering a van, a boat and a trailer to the truest best friend I have ever had. I agree, the Mexican people, as a whole, are some of the sweetest folks I ever met. Drove it once with my wife, just to show her one of the...
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    Cabo or East Cape

    I also have a panga in Los Barriles, and a truck and spend many months each year on The East Cape. We do also shore fish and if you get some good advise and get up before the dawn, you will absolutely love it. As far as having a place to wet your whistle after dark, that is not an issue, there...
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    WANTED Penn 9/0 aftermarket handle

    I just finished converting my Penn 9/0 with Accurate frame and sideplates but I am looking for something a bit larger than the Accurate handle. I know Tiburon makes a nice one but does anyone know of any other manufacturers of larger handles for this reel? Thanks in advance!
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    East Cape/Las Barriles Oct 29 report

    I am quite satisfied with the bite the last few years, but then, I'm down there quite often, for months at a time. I get to choose when to fish. This last years bite was fantastic. We never got skunked!
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    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Try the mountain town of Mission San Javier, up the hill from Loreto. Very nice drive and lots of great stuff to explore.
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    Topwater Yellowfin - 9/2

    Ya really know how to make a Colorado guy dream of a day fishing in So Cal ! Great report my friend.
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    Scorpion Sportfishing feat. El Regalo East Cape Sportfishing Report - July 15, 2017

    Great news, I will be there on the 29th. Save some for ",Miss Camila"
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    East Cape On or Off

    The East Cape bite can turn around in a heartbeat. It isn't always wfo but if you just try and follow the fleet, no telling what you might catch! I always try and get to the dock when the boats come in, the day before I'm going out and find out where the fish are being caught. Seems to work ok...