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    Inshore Horseshoe 6/14

    Looks like the dog was having fun
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    Offshore Pac Queen Barn Burner 6-14-21

    That’s sick, thank you for the report.
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    Islands Anacapa Seabass

    Every father wants a son like you👍, great job.
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    Offshore 6-1-2021 Trip #1, 70 miles south, 4 BF

    It’s good to see your report again; otherwise, this forum will be boring 😂
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    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    That’s sick, we ran over 200 miles two weeks ago and missed the bites. Thank you for the report.
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    Islands San Diego 5/26 non report

    Man, that’s sucks, better luck next times.
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    Offshore Wide open yellowtail close to home

    Nicely done, I need to start stopping on those patties at the 9 next time 😁
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    Offshore Paddy Yellowtail a Couple Miles North of the Corner

    Weather has not been very good lately. I was out there Sunday, took us over three hours to get out to the SCI Canyon, no signs of life.
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    Offshore 5-16 SCI Canyon

    Was paying $3.89 at the gas station.
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    Offshore 5-16 SCI Canyon

    23 Mako with Yammy 225 4 stroke
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    Offshore 5-16 SCI Canyon

    Left MB around 6 AM with 1.5 scoop lively sardines, weather was shitty but decided to head out to the targeted areas anyway, got to SCI Canyon around 9 AM, no signs of life, trolling the cedar plugs for several hours, the Liberty and couple other sport fishing boats worked the same areas, on the...
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    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

    No need to fight, there are enough bluefins for everyone 😂😆😆
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    Offshore BFT northwest of 43

    Thanks for the report.
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    Offshore 5/14 Bangkok express

    Very nice, thanks for the report.
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    Offshore Foamer Bluefin Fishing 5/14/21

    These fish are constantly moving, follow the temp break. It was at the Corner and 43 yesterday, moving to SCI today. Get out and find it. I’ll be out there this Sunday.