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  • Hello,
    Saw your post in Alan Tani’s thread on grinding the VISX drag cams to make the drag ramp up more gradual and linear and you mentioned someone that sells pre-ground drag cams. I have new 12, 16 and 30’s and noted the issue with the drag setting not being very smooth/linear. Can you provide me with the name of the vendor for the cams? Thanks
    Hi Tom,

    Was reading back through some older threads and saw your when you installed your B275. In the process of doing the same now. I am planning on cutting down the block to 3" and installing in on the keel (0 degrees) about 4 feet forward off the stern). Interested to know where you put yours, and if it affects handling.

    LMK. Thanks.

    Sorry, I just got back on an 8 day fishing trip. My B275 was installed on the flat part at 0 degrees hanging down about 2.5" and sitting in the bilge area for my Parker 2320. Is this going on a Parker 2320 and will this boat be slipped on the water or on trailer ? it's one of the best transducers but I now have two mushrooms transducers on my new Parker.

    Hi Tom.
    My name is Khanh. experience angler.
    I have my own gear. Will share expense, and whatever needs on the boat.
    Let me know on your future trips.

    Thank you,
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