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    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    Tow your RV but what about the boat? There is also a variance if you don’t exceed 10k …
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    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    Because bluefin taste like horse mackerel and albacore like heaven..
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    Bait in newport?

    The harbor is being dredged they must wait a bit longer until that task is done.
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    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    Do you know the cost to replace my perfectly running Ford F550, sorry but that is a big concern for me. It’s a personal driver. There logic was I have a custom Aluminum flat bed so it must be utilized for commercial purposes. Their answer was put a standard bed on it or covert to an RV. Very...
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    Preventing theft on party boat

    I never fish party boats , period. Thieves are fair game to fuck them up without permission of the captain or crew. Taking someone else’s rod out of the rack is stealing even in a hot bite. Immediate repercussions are in order, imho.
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    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    Here you go, start lobbying efforts ASAP. They have already crushed the trucking industry with new engine requirements which basically put small & medium size operators out of business and made their rolling stock worthless here in...
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    Seatrail Trailers out of Riverside

    Give Tom Rodgers of saltwater specialties he has some trailers in stock.
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    New Boat, Struggling Bait.. Help!!

    Get Barrett down there to fix the flow. For the price of your rig it should be breeding in there.. however if you picked up bait in Newport it is rarely cured and many times right off the bait boat that morning, but a circular flow should help it settle down. They are hiding in the corners to...
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    thresher boats are dangerous

    Blow boaters - inside the house is “ the cabin sole “
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    boat transport

    Drew is the only guy I’d use. He has towed many a BDers boats from across anywhere in the US. (225) 418-5205
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    Expert Yamaha Outboard Mechanic in San Diego Area?

    Ditto for Gonzalo. The most knowledgeable in SoCal especially since Mark Gund moved off motors to electronics.
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    thresher boats are dangerous

    A little knowledge goes a long way in the buying cycle. BTW what you call a floor is called a deck in the boating world...