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    BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    " Sneek"?? If you wanna fish just go.
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    For Sale For sale or trade 03 DRZ 400E

    DRZ 400 E (electric start )off-road only. Needs some work , my guess is new larger pilot jet and fuel mix adjust on the Keihin fcr 39 carb. It'll run just fine if you're on the throttle , but dies at idle. Needs two bolts for seat , and i removed the throttle safety sensor I've had the carb...
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    For Sale House and or boat in Baja

    That's a good deal and a great place to be in my opinion. Some of the best folks i've ever come across were there in BCS. Hopefully you're not completely finished going there .
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    Mobile Bike & ATV Mechanic near Murrieta

    I've got a couple bikes i need to get dialed in. Anyone know a reliable mechanic , mobile preferably . Thanks
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    Fishing themed mugs i had made

    haha. the brow speaks volumes.
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    Fishing themed mugs i had made

    If you saw my post a few months back you would understand the wood style. Anyways...
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    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Great report. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Also as a side note, I love those Tactical Angler clips . Also, regarding Cedros. It is used by criminal apparatus for obvious reasons. This may not be news to most but it was to me...
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    Bluefin - yellowfin 11/23

    Had a YT with a similar bite mark a few years ago .
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    SaltAway vs White vinegar

    I've been using Oxyclean for the past 3 years. Seems to work fine , but then again i'm a novice boat owner. I've heard Yak Piss works well but it's hard to come by now cuz tarrifs .
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    Offshore with no gaff

    Maybe i missed it , what day was this ?
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    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?
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    what's the lamest excuse your buddy has given you not to go fishing

    Buddy takes meds, the kind that constipate. Tried to push out d as n early morning log and blew out his O- ring and need to deal with his issue . At 0330 , i get the txt .sposed to meet at 0400. Great
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    11/14 - Slowed down a bit, but not skunked

    Thought it odd to see Sea Lion's that far out too?
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    11/14 - Slowed down a bit, but not skunked

    I was out there as well. And the birds were a PITA
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    I've saved fish by running the boat in circles above the Lion .