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    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    I've got a 3/4 day out of oceanside on Sunday. Looks like a rock fishing it is…
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    Its almost hunting season, time to wake up this forum

    Planning on the dove opener, then hopefully getting the new puppy out for her first duck hunt this fall. Should be fun!
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    San Diego Butts 8/9

    That's a nice Butt!!! LOL.....
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    Reds at 9 Mile Bank 8/9

    Nice trip, close to home, lots of good eats!
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    Aztec 7-30

    Awesome fishing! Congrats!
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    Mission Belle 7/30

    Very nice! Just paid for my work trip on the Belle in a couple months...…
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    Sea Alien ID!

    Could be...… And interestingly enough, referred to as a Flapjack Octopus, and one of Nemo's classmates was one in the movie...…. ;)
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    Blue Horizon??

    Looking to take out about 14-15 people from my son's baseball team for some fishing in about 2 weeks. We are up in north county, so Oceanside is right down the road. I have fished the Chubasco II many times out of there, and always enjoy it, but never fished the Blue Horizon. They currently...
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    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    That's awesome right there! Big congrats!
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    7/26/20. Failure. FAILURE. SUCCESS!! Success.

    Very nice fish! Congrats, way to stick with it!
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    7/28/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, Trip #9, BF #31YTD, no skunk yet

    Man..... Get a look at the taxman, mako or white???? Congrats, couple of nice ones!