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    Wilderness Unlimited (W U)

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    What say you........

    I've seen a Mexican wolf on eagle peak!came to the call, and just didn't fit the coyote bill, big round ears about 160lbs, i.d.before you squeeze
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    New Bobcat Ban

    Treehuggers SUCK!
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    How to build an Electronic Duck Butt Feeder (Pulsator)

    I've built two about five years ago and the still running strong! Thanks again Marcus
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    Kids camo

    Hey everyone I've got a kid water fowl jacket my son is grown out of, some long sleeve shirts, couple pairs of pants, real tree I believe, willing to trade for bigger or give to a kid in need! Pm for details.thank you
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    new hunting blind check this out..pretty cool

    I thought about making something like this year's ago, dumbass!
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    Offshore Pacific Queen Bluefin and Yelowtail 7/22

    Wide open yellows on the 425 today!, me and tell guys flipping killed it fish to thirty, was sic!
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    The Big buck Controversy

    I had a warden with a land owner beating on a trash can lid during a deer hunt in julian think its the same warden...acted like I was in the wrong for hunting twenty yards from a fence line...guy was a real jerk...Love cliforina
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    Multi colored swimbait bait pours.

    ive been trying to pour three colors but im having issues with black on the topouts like the plastic wont stick,any ideas?
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    Predator call recommendation

    i just got a foxpro it,but i use the primos lil dog,hotdog and i kinda like the sounds of the mouth calls better,more real,when you blow them get real gutaral sounding growle in to the call the more emotion you put in the more results you'll get,theres a great video out there...
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    Kirkland Whirlpool Chest Freezer

    Do you still have, if do I've got 90$ call me, mike mookini (619)713-3332
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    Limits of ducks

    U guys got some awsome waterfowel in the northwest Was there a couple times last year , what a place to be.
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    Ok here's the wall hanger

    Looks likeyou put a nice poke on'em