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    Shimano Tranx 500 Handle Choices?

    do you have the part number for these black knobs? Thank you!
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    Tranx 500 HG w/clamp

    PM'd you. I'll take it
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    Price Drop plus FREE SHIPPING to a business address Calstar Rods 2 custom

    Highly recommend this seller.. Meticulous packaging and shipped UPS as promised.. Thank you
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    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Hey can I buy a Large T-Shirt for my Dad? He and Hollywood Jarvis had a "good fella" kinda bond back on the RP days, almost 10 years ago now. I miss that old Gumba!
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    Looking for fishing boat advice

    Pacific Queen. IMO the best drifting boat for the long soak. ask the crew on how to fish that drift, very important. good luck!
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    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Congrats Ali! The Dream has been accomplished and the fish story will live on forever. have Misuse post a picture of the belly meat sashimi!
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    Offshore Blanked again. Friday PM session.

    I've been lurking the website. When are you back in town ZZZZZ?
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    Silver Baja Special Tyrnos 8II

    PM'd you on the Tyrnos.
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    F/S Avet EX 4/0 2 speeds w/ rods to match.

    hey guys selling my gear, not in Hawaii enough and they keep collecting dust so to thought i'd post here since these rods are short West Coast bait fishing style combos making it perfect for Jetski and Kayak fishermen. easy for gaffing or kage around leader time. i use short leaders so i can...
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    Good times on the ski!

    oh man, making me all J!! wishing I could get in that purple water too!! gotta love how well the ski operates at gaff, no prop to cut you off, just nice circles sooo smooth! looks like the 2 speed is working killa! those Avets are very good reels. I epoxied hypalon tube (the black foam...
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    Last Weeks Action! (first time posting)

    sick video edits! congrats!