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    Phenix Black Diamond vs Black Diamond Hybrid

    What rod did you pair with your PSW760h for that tuna?
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    talica 12 with phenix...

    Thanks for the information. I will go ahead with the 30-80 PHD.
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    How are the other brands of kill bags other than reliable?

    Do these ones seep/leak?
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    Phenix Black Diamond vs Black Diamond Hybrid

    I have fished the black diamonds and really like them but now looking at the hybrids for a heavier set up and they are heavier and thicker than the PSW.
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    talica 12 with phenix...

    The phd760xh when they are larger grade and the psw760h when they are smaller?
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    talica 12 with phenix...

    Looking at the phenix 760h or 760xh also possibly Terez to use with a Talica 12. Recommendations?
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    Daiwa proteus 80 mh or hf

    Looking at the daiwa proteus 80mh or 80hf For local yellowtail. Recommendations from those who have used them.
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    Kill Bags

    On average how many tuna/yt could you get in the 28x48? Bottom Line- Thanks for the info. Yea I don't want to wish I went with the bigger one.
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    Kill Bags

    How is the 28x48 bag for you? Would you recommend it or would you suggest going to a 24x60 size?
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    Kill bag size

    How do you like the 24x60? And anyone who has the 28x48 do you recommend it or go to the 24x60?
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    black diamond reel seat issues? anyone experience?

    The reel seat is the Alps Tri Reel Seat, the factory one. This is a factory wrapped Phenix. So sounds like i need to put the clamp on it. No other complaints with the set up, just don't want the reel to come flying off.
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    black diamond reel seat issues? anyone experience?

    anyone experience issues with the black diamond reel seat coming lose? On the black diamond 700h the reel seat comes loose with a shimano trinidad when on a fish. Had it tight, fighting fish and it loosens. Are the real clamps also required?
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    phenix 760h or 760m?

    Cool, it sounds like everyone recommends the 760h. What about between the 700h and the 760h ? The 6" better?
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    Torium, saltist or fathom

    What about the new Torium 20HG? Is the trinidad worth the extra money?