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    Auto Pilot install Woes

    Jp-4 and Jp-7 was my usual cologne when I was humping jets on the flight line, I got to where I really didn’t smell it anymore but the ladies at the bank on check day sure did!!
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    Auto Pilot install Woes

    Milspec 5606 - I still remember the smell and taste of it!
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    Any high end Saxophone players out there?

    I used to blow the bitch whistle for decades, still do on occasion, but never on a level to justify an instrument of this caliber. Good luck with this, always loved the smooth sound of a tenor.
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    WA Classifieds

    Make everyone happy - good damn luck with that!!
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    Dinghy Build Thread

    No, that’s single man shit!!
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    Sharkhide, where to find local ?

    Sharkhide is basically a wipe on polymer that leaves a protective coating. You have to work fast as the solvents evaporate very quickly, wipe once and leave it or you’ll leave streaks. If you have the ability to spray it, even better. It is very tough and will last for years, however it will...
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    You got it backed down the driveway, I’m impressed by that!!
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    WA Classifieds

    Is there a two sub forum max or something? Just make the classifieds a third sub forum, problem solved. For now I have a separate bookmark for the classifieds.
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    New tech

    Damn. It was so good and easy before, what the hell?? It’s like government workers sitting around thinking up new regulations just to justify their existence. This new update sucks donkey balls!!
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    New Genie 7055 Garage Door Opener

    If FishPimpll doesn’t take it I will!! I’m in Oly I’ll come pick it up.
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    Another joining the 30' club

    Along with what Goatram said, run your hand along the chines or anywhere line will rub. Anything sharp will part off fish, have that taken care of too. I’ve seen sharp edges of the sheet the weld bead didn’t blend in and even small stubs of welding wire poking out from the welds.
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    Aluminum Fuel Tank Cracked Weld

    Anyone who welds will tell you about welding fuel tanks - we’ve all done it, we’re all nervous about it. It can be done. I would look for why it happened. Is the tank hanging from plates welded to the top? If so it’s the plates are flexing with fuel weight and cracking the welds. They should...
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    Movin' to Texas

    Well hell, didn’t know about all that, sounds like it might get a bit out of range. I also have close family that fled SoCal to Clarksville, Tennessee and they love it. I’ve worked in Clarksville and like the area a lot, so that’s on the table too. All this depends on where the kids go with...