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    New Islander trips

    Just got back from a trip on the Islander. They did not put out the kite. A few on the boat hooked some big fish at dawn, 100 pounds or so. Couple on the flatfall the rest on a sinker rig. I hooked one but did not land it. Reminder to self that when you drop down from 80 leader to 40 leader...
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    Just Booked Excel Trip

    Been on Tuna Wars trip 3 times. Great bunch of regulars on the trip. You will enjoy.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    The belly on this fish is so fat it looks like a slab of bacon!. Can't eat more than 3 or 4 pieces, it is so rich.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Was really impressed with crew. They are definitely 5 star. I wish I was chasing BFT every day too, but my freezer can't handle anymore fish!!!
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Love the Aztec and we were going to fish it but we had 12 from the Excel and American Angler could take us when we signed up.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    I was using a Daiwa Saltist 40 2speed on which I was able to install 500 yards of 80 pound MaxCuatro braid with Seaguar 40 pound Premier, and a Californian rod. 3/0 ringed circle hook.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Thank's D. We didn't limit out, most likely because captain saw a lot of bigger fish all around the boat and people didn't want to drop down on leader test in case they got one of the bigger ones to bite. That was my thinking, anyway.
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    Offshore 100 Pound Club

    Went out on American Angler from 24th to 26th, fishing 60 mile bank on 25th. First time on the boat and was impressed with everything except being stuck in the lower bunk. When your old, drinking and on a ship bouncing along under way, crawling out of the lower bunk to use the head 2 or 3...
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    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    I use the Costco gloves too. When reeling in I usually pinch the braid with my thumb and finger to create drag and make sure the braid is tight. Using just protection for the thumb results in finger cut. When I am going to reel in, I put the glove on. Take it off when going to bait tank...
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    33 Days!

    Friend is on the trip. Only BFT caught were on the kite, though there were several hundred yards of tuna crashing around the boat. Update: Total 8 BFT caught after he went to bed. Total for boat is 16 through this morning
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    33 Days!

    All BFT caught on Excel were on the kite.
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    Excel and 5 star

    Used them on my trip on the Excel. Not happy at all. They lost two tuna (had 15 but only got 13 back) and my grouper was placed in the bin of another fisherman. They promised to ship it to me the next day, but it never happened. Friend ordered gill and gut on all his rockfish. All fish were...
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    How to fish with shrimp.

    Sheephead like to nibble at the shrimp. When you feel it slowly lift the rod tip to hopefully induce a good bite.
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    Fishing Cedros Island

    Contact Big Al. He has a relationship with one of the outfits and you are dealing with US company
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    Are the Coronado Islands Closed and other islands..

    I heard all islands closed to any boat longer than 10 meters