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    Sportfishing Show Orange County Fairgrounds

    Looking forward to it again this year. I brought the kids one day and went solo the next last year so I could hit all the seminars. Looking forward to another good time and seeing some old friends in process.
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    Graftech - 8' inshore rod

    Killer in shore bass stick. Cork handle, one of the ceramic eyes was broken and fixed. Rated at 15-25lb. Has scratches, but kills fish. $50 obo Please just call or text if interested, I am always away from the computer. If interested call Scott Located in Glendora 626-251-0174
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    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival

    I took my boys with me and had a good time. My kids love seeing the boats and want dad to get a bigger one. It was fun though. I ended up buying a couple rods and bunch of little stuff. Damn it adds fast! I spent way too much, but the kids and I had a good time. The kids really were not into...
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    Pacific Coast Sportfishing festival

    Just curious to find out who is going again this year? I really enjoyed the seminars and am looking forward to that again this year. What I really liked was the fun atmosphere there. Bob Hoose was fun hosting the Q & A and I even took some time to chat with me between seminars, very cool of...
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    Marlin mount 102" long

    For sale is my real skin striped marlin mount. 102" long For pick only. Asking $180 Call Scott 626-251-0174 Pictures do not do it any justice, from cell phone.
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    Pelagic Jacket, blue XL

    Used several times, but in great shape, not totally water proof, but keeps you pretty darn dry. Arghhhh, pics not loading
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    Pelagic Jacket, blue XL

    For sale is my Pelagic Jacket Size XL in Blue. $60 Call Scott 626-251-0174 Text for pics
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    California 30-80lb rod

    For sale is Californian 30-80 round. This round was on the boat twice and never used. It is in near perfect condition. Color is blue and black. I can email picks Call Scott 626-251-0174 $50
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    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    If you have something you would like to raffle, I can find out where it should go and what to do. I am not collecting anything, simply trying to help. Cash is prolly the best thing to send since it will put you in the raffle and help a friend, but if you want to add something to it I am sure we...
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    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    It is my understanding that Carlos brother in law is tracking everything that comes in making the list so people who contribute are entered into the raffle. Additionally Carlos is keeping a list so everything is double checked and nothing gets missed. I hope that clears it up, if not fire the...
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    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    Ok boys here is how it works to get in the raffle. Use the paypal link to send the money to Carlos. When using this link mark the money as a gift of contribution. Then in the comments section write bloodydecks and your user name there. After that you are entered in the raffle. Good luck guys...
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    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    It is a bit confusing... I will try and get more clarification for everyone.
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    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    I want to give a big THANKS to our Vendors for stepping up !!! See what they Donated >>> # 1. Midwest PX # 2. Liberty Optics # 3. On Target Range # 4. TDS Guns # 5. Tin Star Supply # 6. Stone Cobra Tactical # 7. Colfax Tactical # 8. North Bay...
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    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    As most of you well know Recondoc242 "Carlos" and his family lost their home to a tornado not long ago. Here is the link for a raffle that all proceeds go directly to helping them put their lives back together. There are some great things...
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    Mother Nature Just Kicked my ass....but we are getting back up.

    Hey boys, tomorrow I hope to post the link for the raffle page that is going to benefit Carlos and his family. There is some killer stuff there, so if anyone wants to help and have a shot at some good prizes the details will be up soon. I appreciate everyone and their contributions thus far...