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    I love San Diego fishing

    Mine is an AR 195, only a 19 footer. It holds 40 gallons and gets about 2.6mpg. I did 90 miles on this trip and still had a 25% reserve......just a single supercharged 250hp engine. I think the 24 has 2.
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    Got some 10-22

    Yellowfin to 12 lbs, dodo around 8, yellowtail 6, skippy 15. #2 hooks and 25 lb straight mono all on bait........threw the colt snipers and some surface irons, but got everything on bait, which was really good btw....... Tight lines!
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    Got some 10-22

    Wanna start by saying thank you to the crew and captain of the Tribute who fished a patty with many of us and then offered free bait when they decided to leave. The captain even got on the blower and told the deckys to chum as much as they could while they were leaving to keep the bite going for...
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    Fishing tomorrow 10/22

    I know this is the wrong board, but if anyone is going tomorrow, I'll be launching out of shelter tomorrow early....happy to team up on the radio and share intel. Call sign "Spartan" Probably the 371 area, unless someone has a better idea... Tight lines!
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    Frank jr on The Producer !!!

    I have a jet boat, but not a jet that setup though and as the previous poster replied, that is definitely hard core!! Tight lines!
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    Frank jr on The Producer !!!

    How did you do out there by the the 9 that is??
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    Sat...tough day..

    Sorry, it looks like the link doesn't work, but it was a copy and paste from the Thunderbirds Morning Report on Chip, the captain, did not seem pleased with the behavior out there today... I would concur,, especially with the radio chatter. People blaring music on channel 72 in the...
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    Sat...tough day.. Chips report from the Thunderbird says it all... To say it was a parking lot doesn't describe it. Watching the Yellowfin pop over the last two weeks, I finally made my yearly pilgrimage from Ventura County to San Diego figuring the odds were in my favor with the...
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    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Great read and ditto about the karma returning the rod to the owner! The comment about staying away from the tuna pens got me wondering if you saw anyone being boarded and asked for papers? Not just around the tuna pens, but in general around the huge Fleet that's been there this past week, has...
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    Santa Cruz 6/15 6/16

    Good on ya....what bait if I might ask.....seems the swimbaits or hook up baits with red in them are the ticket. Might try tomorrow without the boat pressure. Thanks for the report.
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    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    Only 20 gallons, and with running and gunning it sucks it up pretty fast....and I did spend most of the morning way down at the 371/425, so lots of sea miles...
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    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    ....that was backwards.......3 1/2 miles per gallon. It would do better if the engine wasn't supercharged with 215hp, but then it wouldn't be so fun either...
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    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    About 3/12 per mile........I've had 10 boats in my lifetime, from my first 21 ft'er all the way to 38 feet. This is actually my favorite boat out of all of them due to it's simplicity. The jet drive is just a fan that spins, much like a jet engine, and it has required no parts/repairs...
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    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    Love doing this once a year on my own....wife says I'm crazy, but there's nothing like literally doing everything yourself. Don't get me wrong, a bunk and a hot meal on a sporty is great, but when you've been fishing tuna for 30 years, you want to put that all together sometimes and just test...