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    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    This ^^^^ AIS is invaluable when running near the big ships. Knowing the location, speed, and heading is very reassuring. I overlay the radar and AIS on my chart.
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    For Sale 1991 F-250 4x4 XLT Lariat

    Looks like the 7.5L (460), judging by the intake manifold.
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    For Sale Furuno 1715

    Great price for Radar!
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    For Sale Furuno 1715

    Price lowered to 450.00 obo
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    WTB Lowrance LCX 113 or similar for LRA1500 Radar

    I have a pair of LCX 37Cs 200 each or 300 for both.
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    For Sale Skipjack fly bridge 24

    Looks Great! GLWS That 1000KW transducer must be amazing :D
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    How many batteries on a small boat?

    Bright colors and effective marketing do not make the best battery. The design is poor and the execution is worse. Lead acid batteries AH ratings are directly related to plate area and filling a rectangular box with cylinders does not optimize the available volume. The optima design relies on...
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    For Sale Furuno 1715

    Friends and family? I'm not sure what the shipping would cost.
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    For Sale Furuno 1715

    Why PayPal, do you want it shipped?
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    Getting ready for Montana

    That sounds like a dream relocation to me. We are still thinking Kenai area but staying in the lower 48 is appealing.
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    How many batteries on a small boat?

    Run 1 lead acid that will handle the starting load from the 70 and bring along a small Li-Iron jumper pack for back-up. I would consider a good quality AGM for the main battery (not Optima). I run a small SLA in my 12' Klamath to save weight but still handle starting the 20hp Tohatsu and run a...
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    I would cut off a FG that looked like that! When tied in tension correctly, the wraps are very symmetrical and the knot is straight and uniform.
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    What has Fishing Done to You?

    Fishing and surfing had a huge impact on my life, both positively and negatively. I wore my "Surfing Ruined My Life" t-shirt to the bank and the young teller said "did surfing really ruin your life?", I told her "not really" :D.
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    Lithium battery

    5000 cycles at what percentage of original capacity? Sounds like some of the hyped solar cell life span claims. The current battery technology is amazing but the cost is shocking! Don't expect this to change much any time soon. Lithium-ion is much more hazardous than Lithium-iron. Li-Fe is a...