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    SOLD Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H (Spinning)

    Nice meeting you. It is a great rod, enjoy and tight lines! I’ll contact you soon for info about renting pangas.
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    SOLD Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H (Spinning)

    For Sale: Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H (Spinning) 7’3” 1pc 4-10oz lures 20-60lb Like new! No scratches or dings. Great rod for SoCal fishing. Retails for $380 plus tax get it for $325 Local pick ups only, San Diego, CA (Mission Valley area) ***NO**TRADES***
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    SOLD Power Pro 100lb 550y (white) *New*

    Power Pro 100lb solid 550 yards, white, brand new, never touched water. $70 Just got it on a reel but ended up removing it to put hollow line instead. The 500 yard spool of 100lb retails for $80-100 depending on the store plus tax. Get an extra 50 yards for a total of 550 at a discount price...
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    What Rods to pair the shimano stella 10k and 6k

    I have a Stella 6k paired with a temple reef stealth STK 7’4” MH it’s a great 30lb setup for yellowtails, bonitos, dorados... Another 6k with a Seeker Hercules 7’ MH (30-60) again another great 30-40 lb setup I use for fly line and bottom fishing inshore / offshore San Diego. Both reels spooled...
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    For Sale Shimano Stella 10000SW (2013) *Like New - Used Once Only*

    Used once and never used it again, the reel is in excellent like new conditions, no scratches, super clean, Mechanic: 100% Cosmetic 99% (*I put 99% because there's just a very tiny barely noticeable mark on the part that attaches to the rod. Fully spooled with Power Pro Maxcuatro 65# Moss Green...
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    Max Cuatro breaking

    I have all my reels with Maxcuatro, never had a problem. As others said, counterfeit products are online, make sure you have a genuine product. I heard you can test if it’s real or fake by burning the end of the line and if it burns immediately like dinamite it’s supposed to be fake. Not sure...