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I've posted enough I should edit this section , from By the lake

Ok, figured it was a retailer who changed the spec slightly to line up with what he carried. Mar 1, 2015

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    1. Bferr
      I have a question regarding a post you discussed about the spinfisher 6500 LL secondary drag being too tight on lowest setting. Did you ever find a fix for this? Clicker removal or different drag washer? And will these changes cause damage to the reel in the future..... i just got one and need less drag to flyline sardines.
    2. ninjastar
      Just saw a couple of your threads and posting about VISX and was wondering if I made the right decision on putting 100lb braided on a 12vsix and 130lb on a 20vsix and would the reel have enough line if a big fish hits??? My plan of attack was putting a little heavy line and finese the fish.....just got these reels recent and pairing it with a 720 x3h and x4h pheinx.
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      2. tunanorth
        Quite often Guadalupe is 100-percent long soaks. A 20 would be your heavy dropper loop reel there, with 12's and 16's the better choice for any kind of flylining. Use 60 pound topshots on the 12 if there are no sharks. 80 if there are. With a 16, go with 80 topshots unless they are biting well, and then go with 100 if they will bite it.
        Jun 3, 2018
      3. ninjastar
        How many yards of top shot do you recommend?? Both the 12 and 20 that I have currently are full to the brim.

        So when I do get the 16 how much of what should I put on??

        And any chance would you happen to know how much line on the 12 would 80 go on vs 100 and for the 20 100 vs 130
        Jun 4, 2018
      4. tunanorth
        Topshot length will depend on the individual boat's crew, but Guadalupe is normally very short, generally between 5 and 25 feet. Line capacity varies a LOT depending on line brand, installation tension, and preference for fill-up level. The 12 generally holds around 550-600 of 80 [not sure on 100], the 16 holds 500-550 of 100, and the 20 holds 650-750 of 100 and 550-600 of 130.
        Jun 4, 2018
    3. richardblufin
      I just signed up for the 7day in Dec on the Shogun. Do you have a reel I could use for 100lb dropper loop for yellowtail and a 2x4 rod ? What do you have? I have my own tuna gear. I was thinking a new penn 16Visx reel.Try it if I like I will buy one. Thank you Steve. My name Is Richard I fish the Shogun quit often.Looking forward to our trip.
    4. trunk777
      looking to buy a 12visx at the show. know of any good deals there?
    5. jer dog
      jer dog
      what is a Albacore, LOL.
    6. jer dog
      jer dog
      I Love June, because normally they Go to The Rocks
      and for the variety that this Trip Offers.
      1. tunanorth
        Yes, traditionally Alijos is good for 30-60 pound tuna in June, plus very large yellowtail for nighttime dropper-loopers, with either bluefin and/or albacore on the way down or on the way home.
        Sep 24, 2017
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    7. jer dog
      jer dog
      Good Afternoon Steve, I just wondering, why their is still
      17 opening , on your June 6 Penn 8
      day in 2018, I got worried and booked your Trip
      back in March with 3 other Friends, because that Trip
      Normally this Trip Fills up Fast
      was this past Trip, so bad ,that it turned People off
      I was just wondering. any info would be Good
      but no Matter what it will Finally be go to Share the Rail
      with you . Thanks
      1. tunanorth
        Not sure about space, but whatever the Shogun website says is probably correct. There were several people who wanted to go to Guadalupe on this year's trip, and were disappointed when they learned the permits had expired. We moved the dates slightly to allow the "possibility" of Guadalupe in 2018, but we may or may not go there, depending on where the fish are biting best.
        Sep 24, 2017
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    8. Paul in Sac
      Paul in Sac
      Hi Steve, My brother and I joined you on the 2015 and 2016 June Penn trips on the Shogun. This year we will see you in September on the Searcher. We want to fish a shorter trip July or August. Any suggestions? Thanks Paul
      1. tunanorth
        Hi Paul, if having the most luxurious boat is not your priority, Captain Mike Lackey and the crew aboard the Vagabond are top notch. The boat is not the newest one in the fleet, but its comfortable, the food is good, and they really catch fish. Perfect for shorter trips.
        Jun 20, 2017
    9. toothmechanic
      Steve, I received a Penn Fath 40 NLD2 for Xmas. Put spectra on only to find out the reel will not get proper drag specs before loosing free spool. How do I send in in for service ????
      1. tunanorth
        How much drag at what settings are you getting? In general, follow the return instructions on Penn's website under "service", though BD members should also be sure to address their items to "attention Tony Dubeck".
        May 10, 2017
    10. jer dog
      jer dog
      Hey Steve on your 8 Day Trip on the Shogun
      in June, how Many normally re up on your Trip
      because I'm on it ,but Have a Friend that is on Stand buy
      all ready for your 2018, ???
      1. tunanorth
        there are usually a couple of spots open, he should have no problem getting on for 2018.
        Mar 29, 2017
    11. boswell
      Just wanted to tell you that after about a 10 year Penn vacation, I got a Fathom 25 one speed and two speed. While the black matte finish is a little cheesy, the reels themselves are fantastic. I'm really happy with both of them and my hat's off to Penn for making a competitive high tech reel.
    12. mrbigwin
      I have an old spinfisher ss 5500 graphite reel ,do u think this can handle a cali yellowtail? going on 3/4 on Friday i was going to use it for a back up for surface jigs. Hardly used reel maybe caught 3 bay bass.i think max drag is 15
      1. tunanorth
        The SS5500 will certainly catch a yellowtail with no issues, but it is probably not an ideal choice as your primary "go-to" reel, especially with so many sea lions around. With a 15-20 pound topshot, it would make an excellent "finesse" reel for smaller baits like anchovies.
        Apr 20, 2015
    13. tunanorth
      Ok, figured it was a retailer who changed the spec slightly to line up with what he carried.
    14. grenade760
      I had a question about the fathom 30ld2. On the line capacity it says 525yards of 60#. What manufacter of line was that and how much of 65# solid can the reel hold? Im looking for a 50# pound reel for bait, ect. thanks
      1. tunanorth
        Not sure where a capacity is listed for 60?
        Catalogue listed capacity is 525/65, which was calculated with Berkley Big Game Braid solid, and is very small diameter.
        Mar 1, 2015
      2. grenade760
        It was at charkbait. Will the 30 fit 500 of 65 izor?
        Mar 1, 2015
    15. tunanorth
      Hi Rob, I moved your question down to the current thread about our trip, no doubt others will have the same questions!
    16. Alaska4me
      I tried to email you but it came back as undeliverable, hence my contacting you here. Recommendations for hook size for our trip? We have the lines covered but was wondering about hooks.
    17. Tim Turis
      Tim Turis
      Hi Steve:
      I'm looking to purchase a 113HN. Without being able to physically touch the reel, how can I tell if the 113HN is a later production with six bearings? Thanks.

      Atlanta GA
      1. tunanorth
        If the seller has the owner's manual, you can just count them on the part sheet. The outside of the boxes did not reflect the change for several years after it happened. Also, if its a very early one with 5 bb, it will have a nylon/plastic drag star. Of course the stars are easy to change so that's not definitive. Only the 2004 production run had the 5 bb.
        Jul 21, 2014
    18. fishfish
      I had a question.... Do you know? When Penn puts down mono and braid specs what diameters are they using or refering??? e.g. What diameter is 12lb,20lb etc etc to Penn? I am looking for mm to lb test replies Thank you!!!
      1. tunanorth
        The listed capacities in the USA catalogue are for Berkley Big Game monofilament, and the braid capacities are for Berkley Big Game Braid solid.
        Not sure if the specs listed in European and/or Australian catalogues are different.
        Jan 28, 2014
    19. dwaynesda
      I tried but could not figure it out so I just changed the wording. Is that all right??

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