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    8/2 Humble Pie

    Exactly, hang in there and it will "turn"! Thanks for the report!
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    Marking kelp

    Where do you get those? Pre rigged?
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    No one blasting these slug BFT?

    The store in Solana beach is 1/2 Pelagic, 1/2 James & Joseph dive shop. Great place, very good place to get set up. Plunk down some plastic and get it done!
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    Ghosts & Goats

    Lol, I should have read it more closely!
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    Ghosts & Goats

    The ocean looks glassy, nice work! Squid I assume?
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    The little whaler that could

    Nice job! Gaffing that solo must have been a chore! Congradts!
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    Radio Signal bad?

    So, a quick follow up-problem solved! The power from the battery measured 12.88v at the battery, and 12.7V at the feed to the radio. There was not enough power drop to cause this to shut off. However, I rewired the power from the power block, which I did not want to do, but the radio now works...
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    Spearfish/Diving map

    Most shops have old school maps with the MILPA's marked. West Marine, Dana landing. Does your boat have electronics that show maps? You can plug in the coordinates in a GPS and make sure you avoid the areas. Big $$$ if you miss. Try...
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    Couple questions...

    I believe open circuit means no continuity/pathway contact, and no resistance means pathway contact with no (or very little) resistance. Two different things-
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    7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    Never heard of such an interaction! Congradts and kudos to the Sea advent. 80- good karma!
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    Couple questions...

    So the 4' Shakespear Galaxy (3Db) should not read open circuit, but should read no resistance?
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    Radio Signal bad?

    Thanks for all the info! I checked the voltage drop while keying at 25W, and it dropped from 12.88 to 12.5V. I think I will replace the power wires with larger Diameter today, just to be sure. Should I hook it up directly to both batteries? I go direct, rather than use the power block right next...
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    Bluefin Video

    Nice work, solid fish! Thanks for the report!
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    I believe this allows direct (DSC) communication from the radio too. I got the MMSI number from the Coast Guard and tested this aspect too, without using the panic (distress) button. There should also be a "test" method. I believe you only get 2 tries at putting the MMSI number in the radio. Not...
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    Couple questions...

    More good info, I posted on the other radio not working thread! I will chase it down, What specific numbers are "a low resistance"? Thanks again!