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    Dodgers win 111 Games-end of Regular Season. Best in MLB!

    Regular Season ended today with the Dodgers winning #111, most wins since 1906. Best in Baseball 2022! Yankees lost-99 wins...Padres lost 89 wins. Like who ya like. Playoffs next, then World Series. Later. Dodgers have a bye in the 1st round...good to relax for week til the 11th. TC.
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    Judge made it to 62 is cool, but Yanks have yet to win 100 games. LOL. Any day maybe. Also a 1st round bye,
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    The Police

    We need WIDE TRANSOM Police here!LOL LOL
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    Offshore Rammstein, Mustang 1.5 Day (9/25-9/27) , Ranger 85 3.5 Day (9/28 - 10/2)

    Great report and pics, info...and NICE FISH Everyone. Two back to back trips for the winter freezer!
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    The Police

    "What's next here?" "The Bikini Police"? -Suzi
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    Question on the Pacific Queen boat

    Me too, but in my teens just duked it out. LOL
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    Offshore Late post, Bodega 9-24

    Get back out and get even! LOL
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    Pacific Ocean Brawl! Orca Pod vs. Two Humpback Whales for 3hrs

    Pretty cool video an open Pacific Ocean brawl between a pod of Orcas and two Humpback Whales. See how it ends!!
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    Question on the Pacific Queen boat

    I started on PQ with Legend Eddie McEwen in the 1960's. It's high out of the water, so when fully loaded with 35 or so, the tangles get insane....but they do on any boat in a wide open bite like dorado or tuna...LOL. I fish on next door neighbor Condor, much lower to water . PQ is a woody and...
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    Early Morning Walk by Hawaiian Samoan Mud Crab!

    MAJOR="What's your take on mudcrab Gunny?" GUNNY HWY="An old geezer told me those crabs evolved millions of years ago after eating mud shark roe"! I ate the O'side Mudshark roe too as the shark tasted like crud, and my 2nd ex-wife stole my pickup again at Oceans11."
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    Can’t post can’t view without notice of MY ACCOUNT NEEDS CONFIRMATION. PLEASE HELP.

    "Tunahead said.. to tell you it's COCKPIT ERROR!" -Suzi
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    Fishing inshore Long Beach 10-5. Share intel?

    Good Luck tomorrow out there!!
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    Offshore Bluefin

    Well....get back out there!!! LOL