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    Made an app

    Always entertaining in this forum.
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    boat size tips

    You're fishing in Mexico too. You need to know their rules.
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    boat size tips

    Well, Fuel, power, weather, electronics, towing, safety gear, and your knowledge of the boat all come to mind as variables here. I think we need more info, but it sounds like the local banks. 9 mile, 182, 43, 226, 302, 371, 425, upper hidden would be your range.
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    Downvoters exposed

    I think that was me, but I gave you a like too! :D
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    Yellowtail Tuna Ulua

    Not sure I have seen a better build report! Good job!...even if you forgot how you did it.
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    Trimalleolar ankle fracture and fishing

    If you're asking on here I will assume that I know what your doctor said. I think you could go and just take it easy if it's a light load like that.
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    Trimalleolar ankle fracture and fishing

    What did your doctor say? Can you make it worse? rebreak it under less load than normal?
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    RSW consistency

    I don't know what 3/4 boat has RSW? the water cannot chill enough over the duration of a trip like that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but spray brine is the standard on most short-range boats that I know.
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    Downvoters exposed

    So, if you upvote and downvote the same post. Do those count? :D
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    Tombstone Viper

    "I have two guns. One for each of ya." Best movie ever!
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    AZTEC Tonight 5/24/21

    It's a good platform and they have 5 man staterooms with curtains. I would try to get one of the lower bunks near the stairs. That's what I had. I can't remember which bunks we got, but they were right at the bottom of the stairs on the Port side. Greg is a great Captain and keeps everyone...
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    Boat Burgers

    I'm hungry.
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    Wahoo Bomb ID's

    Yeah. JRI Hooicide Bombs.
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    San Diego offshore weather

    Only problem is that there are no more dates on many of the long range boats. Not until next year anyway.
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    Yeah, this boat is not gong anywhere fast.