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    Max drag before losing free spool?

    What did you get?
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    Aztec 11/15-11/18

    Nice report! Congratulations on that fish. Good one for sure!
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    Any idea on the builder of these

    Where did you get all of those?
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    Bad experience with accurate

    Good job Matt! That pretty much squashes that!
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    Air Force One

    Badass airplane! I just can't picture Joe Biden in that plane. Hmmm. :D
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    Air Force One

    He was in Bullhead City yesterday. I would like to have seen that landing in the 747!
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    Condor or Pacifica??

    Pacifica was the Dominator.
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    We're gonna find out in a minute....
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    Super Cows on the AA

    Cool! See you there! there are 6 in our group. It will be a blast either way! Look forward to meeting you!
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    Super Cows on the AA

    I leave 10-31 on the AA 8 day! Can't wait. Guess I better bust out the BIG gear!