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    Catalina 5/24/20 with Dad and INSANE Yellowtail Bite

    Well documented and I don't think there is anyone on this forum that isn't envious!
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    To calm at cat

    Thanks for the report.
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    Catalina, Circled the island, 03-14-20

    Harbor seals, only saw one at the island and he got nothing.
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    Catalina, Circled the island, 03-14-20

    Always something with boats. Mines been good but that one is my buddy’s. Volvo D4, other then a bad injector, injector cup, and cracked manifold its been good to him.
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    Catalina, Circled the island, 03-14-20

    Got a little break in the rain and my fishing buddy was game so hoped on his boat Saturday. Got some excellent sardines from Mike at San Pedro Bait barge. Only had one die the whole trip, no scales in the tank and they all were runners. Started at the east end on the backside and worked our way...
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    Report: LB Breakwall Sunday Aug 25 afternoon

    Bananas ruin a day every time.
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    Yellowtail at mother in laws

    You’re not alone buddy. That crap has been happening to me to. It’s like I’m doing something wrong or someone left bananas on my boat and didn’t tell me.
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    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Man! What a rough day. All that work to get the boat out and didn’t get to catch even a sanddab. Patch her up and you’ll be out before you know it.
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    Local YT

    Well said
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    I love craigslist...

    Don't forget the BBQ
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    I love craigslist...

    Just remember to bring your Flex Seal and JB Weld
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    I love craigslist...

    Wow...they need to pay one of us $80 to take it off their hands not the other way around. Lol
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    Horseshoe and farm 10-12-18

    I went out of Long Beach yesterday on my boat. Came out of the harbor and picked up some sardines from Nacho. They were good size and seasoned sardines. Pointed the boat towards the horseshoe. Once we arrived found no boats and quite a bit of chop for 7am. Didn't look good to me as far as fish...
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    Long Beach Lobster 10/5 - Same-is day report

    That's one way to turn a bad day around.