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    Anacapa Yellows in the morning and a Marlin in the afternoon!

    Shouldn't you be posting some pictures of calicos or something?
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    Finally big Bluefin

    you all think your wicked tuna stars after a couple good seasons... that a BLUEFIN TUNA! within 10 miles of home do you remember the last time you could do that besides this season and last season... I don't think so... God some of you guys are obnoxious.
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    8/14 Went Dana Point Then Hightailed It To The Shoe..

    this is why I will stick to my Grady.....
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    Dodo off HB pier

    I bet
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    14 mile bank??? On Saturday

    It was alright for us in the AM we found a paddy and got a nice 20 pound dorado looked for awhile and then found another paddy at about 12 pm and just had a bunch of rat yellows and dorado nothing worth stoping for. then 3 pm boom huge school of 25 to 45 pound bluefin wide open for about 10...