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  • Hi Tom,

    Was reading back through some older threads and saw your when you installed your B275. In the process of doing the same now. I am planning on cutting down the block to 3" and installing in on the keel (0 degrees) about 4 feet forward off the stern). Interested to know where you put yours, and if it affects handling.

    LMK. Thanks.

    Sorry, I just got back on an 8 day fishing trip. My B275 was installed on the flat part at 0 degrees hanging down about 2.5" and sitting in the bilge area for my Parker 2320. Is this going on a Parker 2320 and will this boat be slipped on the water or on trailer ? it's one of the best transducers but I now have two mushrooms transducers on my new Parker.

    Hi Tom.
    My name is Khanh. experience angler.
    I have my own gear. Will share expense, and whatever needs on the boat.
    Let me know on your future trips.

    Thank you,
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