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    Go Chargers...

    Did the Chargers win?
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    The REAL 12th Man...Go Pack Go!

    I had sex with a Seacawk fan once. I don't remember if it was oral or anal guys all look the same.
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    The REAL 12th Man...Go Pack Go!

    #12 is going to destroy the Cawks.
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    A day I won't forget. Guess the weight, win a BD Tee!

    #485 and that's just Jason's left tit.
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    I need something to read when I take a shit in the morning...Please, carry on.
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    What the fuck Mom?

    No dicks? I'm fucked.
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    Where is the freedom and tbird fishing

    Really? This is funny. We should share. TBird was at the 69 today. Lower end.
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    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    I talked with the skipper today. It was an American flagged boat called the NoZilla.
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    BD etiquette

    This thread got dorky? What the fuck? Did you buy a pair of cocks and move to WA and start to use words like dorky to fit in? What the hell happen to this shit hole? Packers and Seacawks soon. That thread should be fun. :)
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    BD etiquette

    Dragonballs has my penis as a screen saver on his cell phone.
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    BD etiquette

    Goatram's breath smells like my balls.
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    Max is a Ladies Man...

    Sad. Seriously sad. I came here to laugh, and got this. Carry on.
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    Problem solved...

    So is the 2014 football season in the sports forum going to be a circle jerk between Max, you and Carl?
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    Problem solved...

    Who are the moderators these days?
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    Problem solved...

    I remember when this forum was funny. I cannot even post pictures anymore.