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    First Ahi on New Boat

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    06 Dec 2013 ahi kaneohe waters!

    Nice! Congrats
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    Fujinon Stabilized Binoculars?

    yup worth every penny. only complaint is they're heavy.
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    Too Close for Comfort!

    It happens to us when we akule. close enough to feel the spray's but thats usally when the bite is good. Sometimes we move, sometimes we just hope the whales move off. Scary as hell though when its dead quiet and then you here a whales spout!
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    Banks 10/19

    Nice Job guys! Will send the you guys the replacement soon. Aloha
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    Kaneohe - 10/16/2013

    Nice fish Russ!
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    Bad day turn Good! 9/20/13

    Thanks guys. I'm sure we all know that terrible feeling. Glad we were able to get out. The fish was a great bonus!
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    Bad day turn Good! 9/20/13

    Friday morning get to the harbor little late, get the boat set up and put her in the water. Click, click... [email protected]#k boat doesn't start. Pull her back out and trouble shoot it, I stay at the harbor with the boat while B makes a 3 hour diver in traffic to get a part from home. Get it fixed and get on...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    So I know I'm a few years late to this thread but we just picked up this 24'. Skipjacks are a rare boat in Hawaii but from what I've read and from talking to a bunch of guys who fished them , it sounded like a good boat. After fishing it on some really rough days this summer I can say I'm...
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    Three for Three

    no wonder only had shibis for us. You caught all the ahi off of it. Good going!
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    Soft Head 9-8-13

    AHi Machine!
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    Fishing Hunt - Waianae 09/04/2013

    Perfect size... Good going on the fish guys
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    Banks Rodeo 9/8

    nice catch Jerry!
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    Battle in the Dark

    Ted's got it right guys. We make a cut behind the pec fin and then in the gill membrane. Stick a hose in the gill cut and pump the fish with water. This helps bleed the fish and also cool off the stomach cavity. Here's a pic of a bigger one with the water holes still in it
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    Battle in the Dark

    This past thurs we made plans to make a run after work and then camp over and fish friday. Get in the water about 4:30 thurs afternoon and head for S buoy. We hook a small marlin right away but it pulls hooks after a short battle. After working the area for a little we head out until about...