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    single ready to mingle. shogun 6/4-6/12

    i have the large ones.but not used for fishing typically
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    single ready to mingle. shogun 6/4-6/12

    love sunsets. scorpio. looking for a life parter not a seven night stand!
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    single ready to mingle. shogun 6/4-6/12

    who is ready?
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    Food recs for offshore

    blow your boat ho. quick and easy meal!
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    Lobster Run Catalina 1-18-2021

    can't you eat the short ones?
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    trump is so hated . biden won the election
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    if come on
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    5.5 day one positive day after return all else neg. dec 3-9
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    i was not on the boat. but i know someone that was not on the boat either. we are both going to Quarantine just to be safe.
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    Screw 2020

    fuck trump 2020
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    Guadalupe fishing 2021

    best is end of nov beginning of dec sharks go away
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    covid on long range boats

    what happens if a few days after returning from a trip someone on your boat test positive? has anyone experienced this? does the landing contact you?
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    Cow Reels

    avets suck buy shimano or okuma
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    Fish for sale

    i trade it for weed