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    302-371 Friday 10/23

    Dan nice fishing with you Rob and Ryan, We ran all over the place yesterday but conditions allowed so why not... We pointed for the 425 and stopped about 7-8 miles short in the canyon for a paddy full of rat YT 22/25, kept a couple and moved on, found Rob and a few paddies for more rats, headed...
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    Boat Buddy Friday 10/23 - 425/371

    Will be our Friday as well, same general area. Monitor same channels. Erin B 23 edgewater
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    Fishing tomorrow 10/22

    Out Friday as well. Erin B
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    How about the 181/ 209

    Left from Newport 14mb rolled up on Bonita boiling 277 nothing in the morning Between 277 and 289 tons and tons of beautiful huge paddies with nothing on them. Found paddy at 289 32.56/118.08 With big school of small yellows. Hooked 3, 2 came off early and got 1 to the boat and spit hook at...
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    How about the 181/ 209

    Mikey I think we spoke out at the 289 today. Nice job on that fish. Thanks for being willing to share the paddies.
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    How about the 181/ 209

    I will be out tomorrow in that area as well. Erin B
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    Nada in US Waters Tuesday

    Time of day thing... just because they’re not showing while you’re cruising through doesn’t mean they won’t pop up later, especially on the tide.
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    Late report/question

    If you look at the inshore and island reports there were yellowfin found above the 267 and at the 14 on Saturday. They were up and down quick in the morning and showed in the afternoon as well. Tons of bait in the water and great signs of life above the 267. We were slightly above the 267 and on...
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    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    Thx. Same here, must’ve been the tide.
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    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    Did the same, no takers on the deep squid at 14. We found the yellowfin above the 267, up in the morning around slack tide. When did they pop on the 14 for you? It was fishy for sure lots of birds and bait just didn’t see any tuna there.
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    BFT front side of Clemente

    what did you get the bluefin on, bait, jigs?
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    7/10 corner, 302, 226

    Should have stayed at the 302.
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    SOLD 2005 2660 WA ProKat

    @Aka fishsniper 08 go to maurer marine in costa mesa, they are a suzuki dealer.
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    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 400HD RH and AVET JX 6/3

    LEXA SOLD. AVET still available
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    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 400HD RH and AVET JX 6/3

    For sale is a gently used Daiwa Lexa 400HD right hand power handle. Asking SOLD OC/costa mesa Currently spooled with ~300yd of 50lb power pro couple of nicks visible in first photo at top of spool, otherwise in good condition. Bought last year and only fished a couple of times. AVET JX 6/3...