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    WTB Shimano spinning rods

    Looking for light to medium light 7 foot Shimano spinning rods. ready....local please.
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    WTB Stradic FJ or stradic ci4+

    looking for Shimano stradic 2500fj (the white one) or stradic ci4+ 2500..local preferred.
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    WTB Shimano stradic fj

    Looking for mint condition Shimano Stradic FJ 2500 (white one). Preffer local transaction...have cash ready...please text 949-533-4642 for faster response
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    WTB Looking for Shimano symetre

    its a Longshot....but I'm in search of a Shimano Symetre 2500FL.....its a little darker than the green curados of back then....200E7's. Except this one is a spinner.... only looking for local ready.
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    SOLD Shimano spinning combo

    just text me.....949.533.4642
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    SOLD Shimano spinning combo

    Its the new 2020 model