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    Tailing sword in the LBC

    Like a wet blanket
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    Tailing sword in the LBC

    Saw a juvenile swordfish tailing at the Mussel Farm yesterday... due to slight chop, didn’t notice it until we were right on top of it - got to watch it slither away on the surface and then couldn’t relocate it. No pic. In other news, trolled 15, 20 and 30 X Raps at mussel, double rig to 150...
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    105 YT are here

    Think I trolled by you... not many boats at all in local waters... nice fish!
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    Long Beach Yellowtail

    Son of a bitch. I’m like 0 for 15 looking for YT at the island and you come along and slam one right out back. Argh!!!!
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    Newbie out of Huntington

    I’m 9 years now from FL. Here’s my best tip: get bank tanks for nice squid and sardines, also some Rapala X Raps, load up 80 lbs of ice on your boat, a case of beer and some good mid grade binoculars. Then, go to Ralph’s or Von’s seafood section and buy some fresh swordfish or dolphin for...
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    Monster Bones

    They were 5+ all day long. I kept the first one thinking it’s big, only to have several larger throughout the day...
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    Monster Bones

    Spent a few days at the island with family. Never knew Bonito got so big, like true little tunas. Found large ones from Long Point all the way to Church Rock and everywhere in between. Only kept 1 and it turned into jumbo poke bowls for 4 peeps. Fun fishing, wish I could find yellows though!
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    Hooked a Marlin under a paddy

    Wow, not my typical pull up to a paddy experience... lol
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    Catalina with the kids

    Yep. They’re big uns out there... had solid poke last night
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    Threshers galore!

    You should have to buy and maintain a boat like all of us to be able to go fish for these sharks. More rules! Less rules!
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    fishing Palos Verdes 08/03

    But when you find em, it’s so easy. I feel like either limit out nice kelpies or get skunked at PV, lol
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    fishing Palos Verdes 08/03

    It amazes me that there isn’t a constant bite all along PV...
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    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    Someone please tell me how to prepare/cook these slimmy lizards... Oil Rig Esther was loaded with them all weekend, some keepers.
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    Sir, don’t forget to pay the CA Franchise Tax Board on your way out so we can build more homeless encampments under our beautiful bridges!