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    Anyone else

    Waiting to see what I can get OTC as last year got the A22 and planned to go late in the season after all the yahoos gave up but broke my collar bone and couldn't use my tag. If its in the cards I'll get another tag if not, no sweat I got other options to get out of the house.
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    San Quintin Limits of YT & Lings 3/8/14 Campo Lorenzo

    Shoot I hope it holds up till May. We have a trip planned for the first weekend.
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    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    Go Pack Go This is a superbowl year. They are good now but just wait until everyone is healthy.
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    Hey Packer Fans...........

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    What's wrong...

    I have my tag this year. It's been a long time away. But I won't start until the second half. Less hunters and better chance at a quality buck. Plus too much going on through mid October.
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    WTB 300 win mag

    Looking for a 300 Win Mag in good condition with a scope. Anyone have one they want to sell?
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    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    I'll be at the game with my cheese head and a throw back Woodson Jersey so bring it bitches. It will be like Lambeau Field west.
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    Green Bay rod 1 of 2

    Yes I would know because you couldn't keep it a secret. I'll let you fish it when we go out but first and biggest fish dollars will belong to me. Yeah boy can't wait to take some Pictures with it holding fish.
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    el cajon city council

    Get out and Vote today. Vote for the candidates that will keep our fishing areas open.
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    Packers VS. Vikings

    You can't put Cutler in that group he has done nothing except throw ints his whole career.
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    el cajon city council

    Here's the latest article you can post comments to. El Cajon candidates Q&A - city council candidates -
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    Quail success

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    Quail success

    Great day on the opener me and a friend scored double limits by 8am.
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    el cajon city council

    yeah that was a bad line I had to edit it to "better leadership".
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    el cajon city council

    Thanks Mike for the PR. I got a website if you want to check it out El Cajon City Council - Home I was also in a couple news stories and El Cajon forum lures few residents, fewer candidates - Feel free to leave some comments if you like...