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    Meet M.o.w. #52 Cha-ching

    Hey Greg, I like your pics, you always have your camera ready! For you guys that don't know Greg is an awesome body tech (another story) and takes care of his friends. Todd
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    mean ocean! 5/23

    I knew I recognized the voice on the radio Sunday...that was you FISH KILLA who had his radio stuck transmitting all day :spank: LOL LOL So tell me who stopped you CG or Harbour Police?
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    mean ocean! 5/23

    Not me the anchor stuck, he first time! Doooohhhhhh :eek:
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    mean ocean! 5/23

    Met up with CHA-CHING at 4:30 and headed for SI with the hopes of going to the 302 for yellowtail. Well it was apparent that was not going to happen when we got to the launch ramp and the wind was already 5 to 10knts. We got bait and headed out with a mixed swell that was brutal…it was slow...
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    Shake Down/la Jolla

    As always, Greg's boat runs awesome which helped us to have a great time. The Calicos we really on if you could slide into a spot without getting stuck in the kelp. Most fish were 1 to 4 pounds and there were several that we never saw but that's what happens when you use #12 test :mad: We also...
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    La Jolla 5/01

    I just got it a week ago, an Olympus C-750. I found it online $100 cheaper than Costco. I used .
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    La Jolla 5/01

    Launched out of Dana at 5a.m. with no crowd or hasssles and fished LJ. There was a slow pick on reds, short lings and calicos but we managed one keeper...14 pound butt! There were no F and G to do any checks and the water was great (63.5) until 2 when the wind cranked up. We talked to Frank (Mo...
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    La Jolla short trip 5-1

    Your boats looking great Frank. Here's a pic...
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    Barn door calicos 4/14

    Sorry no pics this time, but I just bought an Olympus C-750 digital yesterday, I promise to get pictures next time. The fish will probably sense the camera and stay away. Work is OK but we lost so many people to retirement or just plain gave up and quit that most of us are working 50 hours a...
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    Barn door calicos 4/14

    Fished late today...left Oceanside harbor at 1:30 and went North for some calico kelp. We found the kelp around the Barn Door to be holding BIG fish but they were deep inside and you better have tight drags to pull them out. We made several drifts pulling a 3, 4 and lots of 2 pound bass in...
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    Monday 3/01 yellowtail--La Jolla

    Killer day on the water today! Three of us decided to celebrate going back to work (locked out grocery workers) and went fishing today.We warmed up fishing the bay for an easy 10 or so bass then headed out to la Jolla where we caught 7 two to four pound sandies all on plastics. I got a nice 26"...
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    Islands 1/18

    Started at 6 with great bait, 4 to 5 inch dines, and headed to Pukey. We hardly got off the point and there was about a 1/2 mile spread of birds with barries boiling up a storm. We played a while then continued on. The water was rough going out but smoothed itself out by the afternoon with the...
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    1/18 rock pile and islands...BLUEFIN!!!!

    I was nice to talk to everyone yesterday, I miss all the fun on the water...including the wet shirt. Todd
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    9/11 5 nite SST

    I finally get a weekend off and it's gonna be a big time zoo out there. I'll bet even if we are on the water at 11 there will be a huge line at the bait barge.:(
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    9/11 5 nite SST

    Nice pic Brandon! Are you fishing close or far Saturday? OR...not telling? Call me on 72 we'll be out Friday night probably at 11. Todd