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    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    7000 threads on this. Buy quality or gamble in less. Nobody is convinced on these conversations except some like me when @Reel Hooker steered me right to talk to Thom and get a minipak.
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    ah - I see that was not in the thread. I thought those details were in the thread. I looked at my receipt, it was flexdel armor black. mine is a trailer queen most all the time which may have influenced the choice. I do not recall.
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Got it. Just saying, Jeff's boat was done just prior to mine and I 100% copied what he had done to his boat. So the thread I posted is also a description of what's on his boat.
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Step by step process in this thread. He did the same to mine as Jeff's
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    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    what sort of bottom painting does that boat have?
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    Coldwater for sale.

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    Neah Bay Coho

    You are a better fisherman than me. I never seem to be able to connect with shakers. Ever. Nor birds.
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    Etiquette of selling a boat

    Horseshit "etiquette" is what it is. Means nothing. Like an idiot, I accepted that on my last boat sale when I had others wanting to buy the boat. Stupid. The guy walked. I sold the boat for more and included less with it.
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    Found crab pot protocol

    We have found a few this year. Fortunately they have had cell numbers. We pull them and take them to the nearest shallows and drop them in 20'. I text them the details and a picture of my chart with the cords. People don't weight their pots for shit it seems.
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    Cannon Service

    And they do great work. Also warranty work.
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    South Sound Reel Repair

    Eric did a great job on 7 of my reels a couple weeks ago. Send them to him. Reels are now silky and smooth again.
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    Etec’s toast....

    Not for nothing but the etec 200 is heavier than the yamaha 200.
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    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Great looking boat. Trivial tip probably because it is likely already done, but get a P70R on the aft helm.
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    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    Love talking heads. You are very dumb.