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    2016 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    Wasen lucky enough to get one of those big blue fin but was blessed trying and putting in time on the water trying. The yellow fin and yellow tail made my day sometimes. And other times i drove home empty handed. But nonetheless it was a great last few years.
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    Making bait in San Pedro Cabrillo Marina?

    Anchor up near one of the pillings the ones alil pass the cabrillo pier and chum chum chum bread and cat food the macs will come. I take a loaf of bread and poke holes in it and hang it about 5 feet under water. Make sure your anchored. One mac finds your chum and they all will find it.
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    Is anything biting at the horseshoe?

    Hit up PV for killer calico action. Get small sardines from nachos and chum slowly.
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    8/8/16 looking for tuna

    Launched from long beach around 6:30am and straight to nachos to pick up some bait. Got a super nice scoop of med sardines only about 5 rolled all day. Made some macs about 8 or so right by the bait barge to slow troll. Headed south towards the 14mile bank doing 30knots all the way to the 14...
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    Catalina Report 8/1 to 8/3

    The pursuit is the one boat i vowed never to go on again. There whole operation is screewed up. Those deck hands need to go down to san diego and look at how real deck hands behave. The pursuit is one of the reasons i decided to buy my own boat. And even then i had 1 bad experience...
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    Phenix m1 inshore 9'

    Do you still have it. 3109466295
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    Wts wtt Curado 300ej

    Do u still have it. Can u send me some pics 3109466295
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    BFT at 60 mile bank - leaving san pedro need a HO

    I would go this weekend. Also have a boat 22ft seaswirl. Have all my own gear and then some. Let me know. Thanks.
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    1989 Seaswirl needs new shifter cable

    You must have an OMC Cobra. I parted out a 88 seaswirl in january. Also had an omc cobra. I have a like new shifter cable i can sell for cheap. I installed it in hopes of it fixing my outdrive but it was to far gonne. Let me know if your interested. I have a bunch of other parts...
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    Were in LA are you??
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    New guy here: tuna videos included

    Nice. This trully was an epic year lookin forward to a repeat. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Freshly serviced Avet SXJ

    Still have reel??
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    I Found Her: My Dream Boat, 42' Henriques Charter

    I think i seen you out by san pedro today fiahing west end of horse shoe kelp. If it wasent you it was a boat very similar. Same paint scheme which is not so common. Nice bot by the way.
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    Enrique vives tu en bahia de los angeles? Fui el año pasado a pescar alli con un primo que...

    Enrique vives tu en bahia de los angeles? Fui el año pasado a pescar alli con un primo que vive alli. Cuanto cobras por sacarnos a pescar i cual es el mejor tiempo pa ir a pescar en esas aguas? Gracias