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    For Sale Daiwa Lexa Winn 300 Hsl-P with upgraded drags , machined plate and fresh braid

    you mind if I ask what's the max drag now with the upgraded drag?
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    Newer upgraded Daiwa Lexa 300hd

    any reel if you fish it to their max limit is going to fail , no matter what brand is, I don't see anyone driving their cars to the highest rpm , you will blow that engine up , and any brand once they discontinue a reel will have part for a certain of years then you are out of luck , just ask...
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    Newer upgraded Daiwa Lexa 300hd

    yeap it cast very well , I have it load it with 40 lb braid and about 6 feet of floro topshot , top shot between 15 to 25lb max
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    Newer upgraded Daiwa Lexa 300hd

    i have the blue 300 HD model , great little reel pair with a calstar gx8 rod , got that yellow in the avatar with no problem. never had a problem with the reel clutch poping into grear when casting
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    8’ Bait Rod recommendation

    i have a calstar gx8 with a lexa 300 great setup , caught that yellow on avatar with it no problem
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    Going on Pursuit 22nd Street Landing

    great boat , crew and capt. always do their best to put you on the fish, right now I believe they are taking 28 anglers only so not bad at all
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    When is the fathom 15 ld narrow become available

    15 ld 2spd, sure it will give the Avet sxj a run for its money if its a true 15 narrow ,not like the troque 15 extra narrow which is more of a 25 extra narrow
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    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    I have my lexa 300 on a calstar gx8 with a trigger reel seat , honestly I feel that reel seats are more secure than rod clamps, 1 reason not crushing the blank overtime
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    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    the boat is big enough to carry 12 people 6 feet apart.
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    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

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    Thoughts on Jig?

    could add a skirt and some glow in the dark , a ling killer for sure
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    SOLD New Calstar GFDH 90J

    lol, hope you got the joke bro good price on a great rod
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    SOLD New Calstar GFDH 90J

    Do you have the box?? 🥴
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    New JX Raptor line suggestions

    most peoole will fill up the jx raptor with 65lb braid to the brim and a short leader of your choice , I like pro spec braid very smooth and holds up very well too .
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    WTB Lexa 300 part

    "Charkbait" might have some parts.