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    Slowpitch for yellowtail?

    some days flatfalls outfish "traditional" yo-yo jigs; some days it's the reverse. Good to have both.
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    Max range on Full Day Sporties?

    Figure about 10-11 mph. After baiting up, an 11-hour day. 12, maybe. 45 miles for 2-4 hours of fishing. Sure, if there’s nothing else.
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    American Angler on its way to Guadalupe?!?

    RR3 is there now; looks like some quality fish.
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    First gen lx for tuna

    LX, then JX Rap, then HX Rap. Certainly not between those two. LX can kill a lot of fish as a 30-lb rig.
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    American Angler on its way to Guadalupe?!?

    Is it even open? I thought the areas the SD sportboats could fish were pretty limited under the new rules . . .
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    Offshore My best season in 65 years

    Just glad to see these posts again! F’ any haters . . .
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    Happens the other way, too. Couple years ago I was on an O/N and I targeted BFT only; the YT were all 3-5 rats. I kept none & tagged none. Boat came home with limits; 3 different crew members came by asking me to take 5. Please. Nope. Not my problem.
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    Fish Math Wizards - I Need Your Help

    And of course BFT limit is 2/day. So your daily limit could be as few as 4 fish (2 BFT & 2 dorado) if fishing Mexico.
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    Popper Bluefin

    We did not have a popper set-up ready on Sunday and I sort of regretted it. We drove up on several foamers that would have been interesting to cast on. Threw snipers for nary a bump.
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    Offshore Sunday 6/27/21 BFT

    Quick report. Acres of BFT under birds 22-23 miles outside MB. Several parking lots of boats but we avoided those & caught near 1-3 boats max. 4 before 10am, another one around noon. All on sardines with #2 hooks on 20 or 30 lb fluoro. Little rusty; should have limited. Back to the dock before...
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    how bad is the fog?

    Stimulus Payment Friday
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    Offshore Kite fish question

    This may be the most ridiculous post on this entire string.
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    Is this a thing? (photo)

    You’re looking at the tags.