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    Zombie Jig Fishing for Cows - BFT Royal Star trip report

    If you're on the Tiburon 11 day, I will probably see you at the dock when you get back, I'm on the 10 day on the Star leaving the morning you get back. Would love to meet you!
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    What's this bait?

    When you see huge foamers of bluefin, and you can't hook one, well there feeding on those!
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    I tried it one time and had similar results, I believe if you ate it 3 days in a row , it would probably kill you! That's why I offered fellow bloodydeckers the only recipe that is appropriate for oil fish! My friend who convinced me to try it said, it's just like escolar!
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    Plenty of his YouTube videos are available.
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    sk jigs, where to get them

    I talked to a friend of mine at a popular tackle store the other day, he told me he gets 60 calls a day from people looking for them.
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    I usually marinate them in diesel fuel, batter them in tide powdered detergent than bake em at 900° for 4 hours, throw em away, than go to my fridge and find some fish that are actually edible!
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    Downvoters exposed

    Down voting Matters !
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    Flat Fall question

    Reminds me of a guy I saw at a carnival when I was 12, he asks the ride operator, how much to ride the bumper cars? Operator says 50 cents, well how much if I don't bump into anybody? Don't go fishing giant bluefin fishing on the cheap! Get your jigs rigged correctly! If you don't use them...
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    Best month for bluefin

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    Bluefin boat recommendation

    Greg on the Aztec kills more than his share of the big bluefin too!
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    I could tell you where to get them, but I'd have to kill you! Just kidding Brother, I've been trying to get some too! There on back order everywhere! I have a fairly high level friend in the industry, he can't even get any for me! Whatever you do, don't call the tackle stores! One of my buddies...
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    Daiwa SK jig

    Good luck buying one right now! There all on backorder. You might be able to find the smaller ones, all of the glow pattern larger sizes for nighttime bluefin are rarer than hens teeth right now. I orderd a few of the JYG jigs yesterday, there a slim jig similar to a sk jig, they have some nice...
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    Downvoters exposed

    He's just trying to thwart the competition!
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    Downvoters exposed

    I've been down voted so much, that there looking like up votes to me!!
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    Jig addiction

    That's a decent starter kit, I have over 120 pounds of wahoo jigs and bombs in 2 duffle bags! Couldn't even estimate how many jigs for tuna, yellowtail, bass and other species I have! And I keep buying more! It's beyond crazy!