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    Parker - new electronic package

    I’ve done it solo as well many times, but had to drive onto the trailer. Hand load solo there? Do you stop, jump into the water, and walk your boat onto the trailer?
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    Parker - new electronic package

    San Diego and Mission Bay you will not be able to load by hand.
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    WTB Looking for Calstar 700MH

    Looking to buy, prefer factory wrap. Cash in hand, thank you!
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    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    bucc pipe, idle along it with a sabiki slow trolling. works really well
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    Bait pumps ...

    Surflo piranha, 2yr warranty, 2yr extended warranty for 8$ through west marine. I’m on my 3season on the same pump.
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    For Sale Parker Bait Tank,

    Off of a Parker. Approx 30gallons, great shape, with nice sitting area and cushion. Off white color/sea foam gel coat. Comes with thruhull fitting with one raw water outlet, one bait tank outlet, and two new rule 800 tournament pumps. Also have the stainless deck screws. I cannot for the life of...
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    SOLD SOLD!.!

    Pm sent
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    SOLD YETI Tundra 35 Brand New!! $150.00

    Yes brand new, unused. I can send pics
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    SOLD YETI Tundra 35 Brand New!! $150.00

    Trade for charcoal color? Same model 35q