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    Coleman Propane Lanterns + Propane

    I’ll take the 16 propane bottles. My buddy @spoon man will get in touch with you for the pick up. He’s the guy who bought ur portable bbq. Thnx!!
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    Boat Cover Help

    I’ve used sharksin boat covers before. They will help you get the right size for your needs. They are also waterproof and hold up excellent to our weather. I had one on my 26’ hydrasport and it kept it super clean and bone dry!!
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    Fuel at Westport

    Why don’t you just get yourself an account at masco and use the card lock across the street then. That way you have 24hr access and get ethanol free
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    3G Radar Dome repair needed

    Why do you keep buying them then?
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    no bait

    Trust me we will be out there!!
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    no bait

    ya the problem is the boat had been out all week looking for them and hasn’t found any yet.
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    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Best first post ever!!
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    Wide open tuna today

    Is it just me or does that look like a lot of warm tuna?
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    Tuna Sat Ilwaco

    Not being a dick. He’s asking for a report in the reports section. Figure it out
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    Tuna Sat Ilwaco

    Nice report dude
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    Trevela and Lamiglass Rods for sale

    What’s the length of the trevalas?
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    Last week of September for Sekiu Coho?

    I’ll be out there starting 9/8 for a week
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    Non Ethanol premium in Port Angeles?

    Stay the hell away from the elwha casino station!!! Why would anybody support the tribes after they’ve locked us out this year and collected their subsidies
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    Where are the Area 4 hali reports n pics?

    There are no halibut in Westport