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    Anybody need a Labor Day Weekend ho?

    Wait? What? You have coords for ho’s?😂
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    Saltwater Westport 7/31

    Glad to hear they’re feeding a little shallower. I’m not a fan of that deep wire fishing. I would be perfectly happy if I never had to drop my downrigger below 100’ again. Hope the fish stick around another 10 days or so until I can get back out
  3. Anchor & Rode

    Pacific Northwest Anchor & Rode

    Danorth style anchor with 15’ of chain and 150’ rope. $100 253-732-2396
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    Anchor & Rode

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    Crab pots

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  6. Crab pots

    Pacific Northwest Crab pots

    2 brand new never used still in the plastic folding crab pots. They are 4 gate and measure 12x24x24”. I think they are your basic danielson pots but I don’t see a tag on them anywhere thanks Jeff 253-732-2396
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    Saltwater 5/22 Westport action

    The Makas call them neighbor fish for a reason. I would never keep one for myself. Not a good texture or taste
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    Saltwater Best halibut day of the season, 15 May

    Not sure why your fillet is so bloody after bleeding. Mine don’t look like that. After mine are filleted the fillets are soaked in ocean water until ready to vacuum pack. They never touch fresh water
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    Panang Curry Halibut

    We love making curry out of our hali. Salmon works great as well and holds up to the sauce. We just add it at the very end
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    Saltwater Razor Clams - First time

    I agree. I hate going to all of the trouble of digging the clams just to use as crab bait. I too have been saving the guts as I clean them and using as crab bait. I think they’re the best crab bait there is and hardly take up any room in the freezer!
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    Make clam cakes out of them similar to a crab cake and cook them in an air fryer. My fav way to...

    Make clam cakes out of them similar to a crab cake and cook them in an air fryer. My fav way to eat razor clams now. Plus you can make them ahead of time and freeze them individually and vacuum pack and then just take the cakes out when you want them
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    Raymarine package

    I’ll take the wireless remote. DM incoming
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    WTS 12lb downrigger balls

    I’ll take the lead
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    Saltwater Westport bottom fishing

    For being a first post my guess is he’s looking for coords. Good luck with that
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    Tuna/salmon/ bottom fish gear

    Smokin deals there. Especially for those guys that fish lapussy!!