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    Masks or no masks.

    The question about real world masks on long range boats is legit BUT .... we should be asking if its now ok to bring an exercise bike on a 7+ day trips! Priorities, man! Jan 2021 15 dayer cant come soon enough.
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    WTB 282 sailfish

    What kinda budget do you have? If u dont mind me asking
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    WTB 282 sailfish

    USD$95k, located Van Isle, BC Canada 2002 282 Sailfish just re-powered fr Yami F225’s to Zuke 300’s fly by wire, Just a few weeks ago mid-Jan, but got my eye on a bigger boat o_O. 6 year warranty! Boat is well cared for and stored on tri-axle alum trailer (no bottom paint) and under its own...
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    Cow jig reel?

    Why i prefer a 50 for cow bank jigging? usually low light situation and so go with the heavy tackle and 130+# lines—why jig with 80 or 100# when you can get the best odds of landing a cow on 130 or 150#? And the mechanical cranking advantage of a 50 too Should not be left out. I set the rod on...
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Less than one week until 15 days of bliss on the Indy! Got 2 new 15T’s to try on this trip and hope the wahoo are in full speed and chew!
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    Any insight on bent and tested NEW Graftech rail rods?

    Thought Phenix Axis rods were a terrific value @ $400 for cow rod (got more than several!); now Graftech intros what looks like legit cow rod at half the retail price of an Axis! Yes, offshore made, but LR anglers love gear and spending $500-600 for a single rod isn’t easy. Biggest question is...
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    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    I didn't make out the make and model of that fine bamboo unit. Never seen this one, must be new or secret prototype. Someone help me out, it looked like it had the new 3 speed shifter ...
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    Tofino or Ucluelet??

    The ethos for Tofino vs Ukey is quite different. Tofino is like "Guicci" fish town where you can go hit trendy cool restaurants, find fancy barista made coffees, do some tourist shopping, get a spa treatment, drink cool micro brew beers, grow your beard, hug trees with the hippie locals, try...
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    New reel for Alaska Salmon fishing, cant decide!

    Fly rods and trout go together like peanut butter n jelly. Salmon and single action reels ("knuckle busters/dusters") are no different, way more fun! But does mean you will likely also need to bring a 9-11' mooching rod too. Islanders are nice but $$$ (i got 4!) but the Shimano GT2000 or...
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    UV Charging, One Hand and the Rail

    Neat ideas. I'd jump on the bandwagon too but IMO, glow intensity is second to jigs swimming action. The jigs with most the glow paint scrapped off from teeth marks seem to work better than those new and fully "charged" jigs. That being said, i'm planning to pack a mini powerful LED flashlight...
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    SOLD Custom Phenix HAX-720X4H

    Thx vic, sister received the reel yesterday.
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    Long Range Art

    One more pic ... there's enough room up on the top of those walls for a full size mount of a 300# YFT which i will have a mount created once I manage to eventually land one ;)
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    Long Range Art

    About a 4.5 foot shark made of natural travertine stone that remarkably resembles those pesky brown galapogus shark we love so much down at Clarion and HB. Saw it and small school of bait fish at a nice home furniture place and i knew it would be coming home with me!
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    Annual Mex permit online question and LR boats

    Going long again day after Xgiving, Yeehaaa! Fuk Ya! On the Indy! Q: I'm considering buying an annual Mexican fishing permit online ( for not only this 15 day trip but for a 3.5 day Maximus/constitution trip in April 2018. Is the bajasur website the only and best...
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    Constitution 3.5day trip mid April 2018 : Advise

    Thx for the good advice guys especially from SSUfish and about a soft sided cooler. Booked with nicole for a buddy and myself in April. Fun in the sun, fishing and a break from the Canadian winter, yahoo!