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    Through hull on aluminum center console help

    Do you guys think it would be okay to put the transducer between 2 strakes? I wonder how bad the air pockets are with strakes
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    Fishing Trip, Outboard Engine Failure (LONG)

    Damn I would have turned back right away and not beached the boat. What would you have done if you couldn’t start it on the beach? What if weather got rough and your boat flipped? Not trying to lecture but that’s what would be going through my mind. Also you could have a hole in your water...
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    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    Yeah, I wanna know how our recreational fishing numbers compare to commercial fishing numbers. It seems like us releasing a small amount of cows compared to the commercial guys kinda seems like a drop in the bucket kind of thing.
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    Anyone have an SS75M sitting around?

    Let me know whatcha got
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    Through hull on aluminum center console help

    Does anyone have experience mounting a thru hull on their bayrunner? the distance between my strakes on the bottom of the hull is 3 and 1/4 inch. it looks like the SS175 series might be too big since the strakes will interfere with the transducer. The SS75 series are 3 and 1/8. I might have...
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    Anyone have an Airmar B175HW Ducer laying around?

    I'll take someone's if it's 12 degree offset!
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    Want to buy Simrad B175HW thru hull

    Let know what you got, looking for a 12 degree tilted element
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    T-Top enclosure/curtains

    Me too
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    How do I clean my fuel tank?

    Of course I’d clean the acetone out, put some fresh fuel in then siphon it out just to make sure most of the acetone is out
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    How do I clean my fuel tank?

    Avery and damad I like your idea but I really don’t wanna run that fuel through the boat or my car really. I was thinking about putting in a couple gallons of E85 and letting it slosh around (I guess the higher ethanol content cleans varnish well) and then siphoning out and recycling it. Does...
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    How do I clean my fuel tank?

    I just replaced all fuel lines and filters to my outboard because it was dirty and fuel pump went bad. I checked what the inside of the tank looked like through the fuel sending unit and i can see flaking varnish at the bottom of the tank. I siphoned out all of the fuel and now am looking for a...
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    Evinrude Etec Surging problem

    Thanks yeah I will definitely do that. But my question is how do I know whether its the low pressure pump just not filling up the VST fast enough for the high pressure to do its thing.