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    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Still, as-of today;
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    Canadian border closure extended

    Closed is closed. No crossing, regardless the method. No non-resident fishing licenses either.
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    Reliable lift

    Yep. Dad uses these guys to splash his blow boat in the Spring and step the mast, then the reverse in the Fall. Say “Hi” to Wendell, the lift operator for me. Swantown in Olympia is good too.
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    Westport Accommodations

    Look for a house further South, like Grayland area. Part of your problem may be the size of your party. I heard that VRBO/ABnB are limited to 50% capacity?
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    It’s a beautiful morning

    WTH, L2 on a salmon trip? 2020 is one f’ed up year!
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    Sekiu options?

    The best way to keep on top of the regs in Washington, is via the WDFW website or the FishWashington app. You can select the specific areas in-which you’ll be fishing. With such a long trip, you’ll need to pay attention to the possession limits.
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    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    Found a place to set up camp?
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    Channel your inner female.....

    Canlis, if they’re back to their normal program. Daniels Broiler, South Lake Union
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    Smith house Westport party cancelled

    Man, you know chit is real now! :oops: 2020 has been a major bummer. I just had to pull the plug on a 90th Birthday Party we were planning to host for my Grandma. “In an abundance of caution.... “ stay well my friends.
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    Golf and Boating?

    Didn’t make it very far from home. Hailing port reads Fox Island. She’s not very “ship shape” either, with cords and lines all-over and loose. I wonder if it was stolen or broke-loose from mooring?
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    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    Following. This sounds like 2020 in-general, just when you get up to speed, something cuts out. :imdumb: Sorry to make light of your trouble. Hope you find the solution. I have a weird house bank gremlin to squash, myself. :_smack_:
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    ARSC is Bloody!

    Yeah, I made an assumption based on the boat pic included in the Insta-post that Integrity ran. However the bloody pics are clearly one of the other boats in the fleet. My bad.
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    Fishing on Integrity Sat. Camper stay?

    You spelled lings wrong. It's T.U.N.A. 😁😜
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    ARSC is Bloody!

    Reported on Instagram, 7/2/2020. Tuna blood on the deck. (No pic)
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    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    Thanks for the referral, but I'm going to DIY this one.